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Windows 8 VL Explorer Continuous Loop Drama

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    Windows 8 Pro 64-bit (6.2, Build 9200)

    Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit Continuous Loop Drama

    I have an ASUS N53S, with up until yesterday a Windows 8 Pro VL 64-Bit.

    Until yesterday I had Windows 7 and for a month now the Windows 7 Explorer has been giving me a migraine. If I open a folder or a file, it could be a text file in a folder or a video file on my desktop the Windows Explorer will crash and continuously restart itself for about 10 minutes the longest and 30 seconds the shortest.

    I can use the internet as it hiccups and even type, but I am unable to click on any folders. Because I felt it might have been something that I deleted I upgraded to the Windows 8 VL Explorer, hoping that would rectify the problem. I think I just made it that much worse.

    While originally the Windows Explorer would politely inform me of a restart, through a little box popup. Now it does not do this and spends far longer going through the restart process on a continuous loop. I then tried to do a system restart. Impossible to do and even my F8 button doesn't seem to work. So I can't do a system restore and I can't seem to figure out what the problem may be.

    I have done a sfc/scannow several times but doesn't seem to target the issue.

    Any suggestions or advice would be helpful here.

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    Try pressing the Delete key instead of F8.

    Also try running: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    in administrator command prompt.
    Run sfc again.

    Post back with results.
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    Windows 8 Pro 64-bit (6.2, Build 9200)

    Thank you for replying David Bailey.

    I followed the steps you suggested. When I pressed the Delete button I was prompted to the Aptio Setup Utility. Since I don't know anything about that. I *escaped*out and restarted the computer.

    I followed the second step to the Command Prompt in order to add the DISM program.

    This is the result from the DISM log: 2013-08-05 16:55:10, Info DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=1428 TID=8076 =================================
    Checking System Update Readiness.

    Operation: Detect and Repair
    Operation result: 0x0
    Last Successful Step: Entire operation completes.
    Total Detected Corruption: 0
    CBS Manifest Corruption: 0
    CBS Metadata Corruption: 0
    CSI Manifest Corruption: 0
    CSI Metadata Corruption: 0
    CSI Payload Corruption: 0
    Total Repaired Corruption: 0
    CBS Manifest Repaired: 0
    CSI Manifest Repaired: 0
    CSI Payload Repaired: 0
    CSI Store Metadata refreshed: True

    Total Operation Time: 1686 seconds.
    - CDISMPackageManager::Internal_Finalize

    I then followed through with a reboot and then a sfc/scannow run.

    I noticed though a major difference already in many programs. I did not mention it before but my Microsoft Office programs were not running and I had hang ups in several other places. They are now running 100%. At first I also thought the entire issue was resolved but when I tested out a few files it happened again but they resolved themselves much quicker, within 15 seconds. So I think parts of the issue might have been addressed. Again, I only tested it once so it might happen again for longer.

    However, I can say my notepad is not running well. When I try to save a file, the file is corrupted and it tells me to close out. So that is another issue and I am not sure if it is related to this windows explorer hiccup.

    After running the scannow this is the response I was given:

    "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations." I am not sure what it means.

    Let me know if there is anything else you think I should try.
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    I really don't know.
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    Windows 8 Pro 64-bit (6.2, Build 9200)

    Thanks David. This all started with Windows 7. So I'm not sure what program I deleted, if any, or inputed, if any that caused this. I know it was not Windows 8 that did it. But since I upgraded to 8 the problem still continues. I wonder if I should delete DIVX, since I heard the codecs could be a problem. What do you think?
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    I don't know anything about DIVX.
    You could try it & see if it helps.
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Windows 8 VL Explorer Continuous Loop Drama
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