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CMOS Battery/Windows Fail

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    CMOS Battery/Windows Fail

    So lately the system time on my computer wasn't telling the right time, and every time I changed it, it would just change back. So I changed the CMOS battery to what I assumed to be an identical battery, and Windows was unable to start and said I had to system restore. So I took out the old battery and put the new one in and the same thing happened. When it prompts me to restore and I click on it, I just get the black screen with the blue windows icon, minus the loading icon. What should I do?

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    Try going into your BIOS and resetting it to system defaults. If that doesn't work, try clearing your CMOS per you manufacturer's instructions. See if this helps.
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    Taking out the CMOS battery and leaving it out overnight
    We'll see how it works in the morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihavemanyissues View Post
    Taking out the CMOS battery and leaving it out overnight
    We'll see how it works in the morning.
    I'm not sure that is going to fix your issue if it is BIOS related; however, give it a try. Although, I would strongly recommend you try and clear CMOS per your mobo's instruction manual. This usually involves moving a jumper or flipping a dip switch on the mobo and since you've only identified your mobo as "ASUS" I cannot give you any more specific direction. Good luck.

    How can I reset CMOS or BIOS settings?
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    Hi there
    If you got a black screen during Windows restore I'm afraid your Windows system is hosed up.

    1) Can you at least get into the BIOS menu -- usually one of these keys DEL, F4 , F8. If you can restore the defaults -- although be careful -- if you CHANGE AHCI setting from what it was initially your Windows system won't boot and you'll have to re-install.

    (Usual choices are AHCI or IDE).

    2) If at least the BIOS appears then it's just a matter of repairing windows -- you'll need to make a recovery disk. Boot it up and choose repair windows.

    3) if you still can't repair windows try changing the AHCI settings in the BIOS and have another go.

    4) If Windows still won't install then you'll have do unfortunately re-install windows from scratch.

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    I Do have access to the BIOS menu, my PC isn't completely screwed over.

    Reintalling Windows isn't an option, but it has allowed me to system refresh, which I am trying now.
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    I am writing this from the formerly broken computer, and everything is working normal, except some sites think I'm a hacker. I'll keep this thread open for a few days in case any issues pop up, but it seems I got the easy way out.
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    Refresh will have deleted any Desktop programs you had, but those can be easily reinstalled if you have the installers or disks. Any Desktop programs that came with the system, should have remained- Refresh only removes what you have installed.

    How to restore, refresh, or reset your PC - Microsoft Windows Help (must be logged into MS account to view)


    • The apps that came with your PC or you installed from Windows Store will be reinstalled, but any apps you installed from other websites and DVDs will be removed. Windows puts a list of the removed apps on your desktop after refreshing your PC.

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CMOS Battery/Windows Fail
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