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How can I avoid my PC hibernating after sleeping?

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    How can I avoid my PC hibernating after sleeping? SOLVED!

    I have Windows 8 and Windows 7 installed in my desktop PC and it goes into "hibernation" after a few minutes sleep. I quoted "hibernates" because I'm not sure this is truly Hibernation, perhaps it's some special Asrock hibernation or something.

    After about 20 minutes sleep, the PC starts and then shuts off by itself, but when I turn it on again, you get a black screen first (nothing else, no "resuming from hibernation", nothing) and after a minute or so all appears as you left it before putting it to sleep, as if it had resumed from hibernation.

    It happens with both Windows 7 and Windows 8. I'd rather it didn't go into hibernation, but remain in sleep mode.

    I've tried all options in Power Options > Change Advanced power settings, so I'm sure it's not related to power options.

    I think this has to do with UEFI settings or it's some Asrock feature, but I don't which, I've tried some.

    I've already disabled and deleted hyberfil.sys

    Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Pro3
    Processor: Intel Core i5 3450
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    Hello Rodion, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    If you don't plan on ever using hibernate, then you could just disable hibernate to no longer have your PC be able to hibernate.

    Hibernate - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Hope this helps,
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    Hi Brink. Thanks for your answer. As I said I disabled Hibernation and yet, the system hibernates (or so it seems) after a few minutes sleep, which I can't understand.
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    If you really don't use fast boot and you definitely don't need hibernate, do the following:

    Run the following commands in Command Prompt as Administrator:

    dir c:\ /ah (this will verify that your hiberfil.sys does exist)

    powercfg /h off (this will disable and delete the hiberfil.sys file completely)

    dir c:\ /ah (this will verify that your hiberfil.sys has been deleted)

    If you follow these steps and your issue continues, then it is not hibernation (per se). So, please gives us a more detailed description of what is happening so we can help you find an alternative solution. BTW, this information is essentially a repeat of Brink's suggestion with an added way to verify the hiberfil.sys has been deleted. Good luck.
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    Thanks JustATEst: I disabled hibernation as you say and the problem continues. Here's what happens in detail.
    11 minutes after I sleep the system, it makes as if it's waking up by itself before turning off (or hibernating, I don't know). In this wake-up process: nothing appears on the screen, only that the fans start up, the front panel lights start up and in a few seconds the system is turned off (or hibernated).
    When I turn it on again, it takes about 2 minutes to fully resume, and it resumes just as if it had been hibernated, because everything is the way you left it (I mean: in the desktop: the applications you opened are opened etc). However, I cannot see any "resuming from hibernation" during this resuming process, just a black screen untill I get the desktop.

    Note: I have Windows 7 and Windows 8 in dual boot. I've made this same test with Windows 7 and the result is exactly the same.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Have you checked the power settings?

    Click image for larger version
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    yes. As I said I disabled hibernation. Then in Power Options there's Little I can do. I set Put the computer to sleep: 15min. Turn off hard disk: 30min.

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    Sounds to me like Intel smart connect technology which wakes your pc from sleep every --minutes to update. Its annoying and is of no use. I uninstaled it and turned it off in bios
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    I have an Acer Aspire M laptop that does the same thing. When sleep is activated, the power light blinks amber slowly, and when the laptop cover is opened it starts up again immediately. After a while, you can see the screen come on (though it is closed), the CD drive gets tickled, and it goes dark again, now with no blinky light. Now, opening the cover does not turn it on, I have to hit the power button to get it going. It is somewhat aggravating to me, but otherwise the computer works flawlessly, so I look on the bright side...

    Acer calls it "deep sleep" and it is supposed to allow the "sleep" mode to use little or no power and go on for weeks. Since I use my computer daily I would like to turn it off. I have tried all the things listed in this thread to no avail. It does not appear to be hibernate, only something similar - I can disable hibernate every which way and it still happens.

    As near as I can tell it is a BIOS or firmware function that cannot be altered because Acer does not provide a way to adjust it in the BIOS screens. The BIOS screen says "Insydeh20" at the top.

    Maybe yours has the same setup, if it does and you ever find a way around it please post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdmf74 View Post
    Sounds to me like Intel smart connect technology which wakes your pc from sleep every --minutes to update. Its annoying and is of no use. I uninstaled it and turned it off in bios
    Thanks for your answer, but I don't have Intel Smart connect installed, at least I can't see it.
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How can I avoid my PC hibernating after sleeping?
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