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8.1 SLEEP (auto)

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    8.1 SLEEP (auto)

    I7 - 2600K CPU

    8.1, built upon 8, will not auto-sleep as its predecessor did.

    Hybrid SLEEP has been tested both on and off, fast shutdown is off.

    Monitor shutdown is 10' and CPU's is :15.

    Latest video driver is installed.

    "Power' troubleshooter has been run. The only issue reported: "screensaver is enabled" - which it is not (blank).

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    Windows 8 Pro Windows 8.1 Preview

    I am testing the 8.1 sleep function on my laptop as we speak. I will update this thread after it sleeps
    (if it does).
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    Windows 8 Pro Windows 8.1 Preview

    OK, auto sleep is working for my 8.1 laptop. I adjusted my sleep settings to speed up the event. See screenshot for details:

    Attachment 24649

    Compare yours to mine and maybe turn off screensaver for a test? Good luck and I hope this test helped you.
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    Thanks for testing. This is a Desktop PC, so settings are somewhat different.
    Even a reinstall of Win 8.1 (over itself) made no difference in its ability to auto-sleep.


    Several 8.1 builds have been saved as images. Interestingly, another image of 8.1 - created the same way on the same machine with the same software and hardware - does auto sleep.

    THAT is the O/S image that I wound up using. A video editor had display problems under this auto-sleep capable version, but that was a problem with the program's settings, not with 8.1.

    Why there was a SLEEP difference between the two seemingly identical O/S builds remains a mystery.
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    Windows 8 Pro Windows 8.1 Preview

    Hi borgus,

    Unfortunately, I only have a laptop set up for 8.1 testing. However, if I had a desktop available, I surely would do that comparison test for you. Also, sorry I didn't realize you had a desktop. Good luck.
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8.1 SLEEP (auto)
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