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Print spooler keeps shutting down

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    I forgot to respond! I have a Lenovo computer that has a "one Key backup" program. I do not have the options listed in the recover shown. I am not sure when the recover backup was having the Print Server working. I am also not able to get an answer from Lenovo as to how do I get a backup disk of Win8 for the preinstalled software. Even the license number is partially hidden - even if I was to have a install disk!

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    Did I miss something here? Did anyone ask for the printer model in question? If so, I apologize. Now for a comparison of my previous problem with yours:

    I aslo had a similar problem on a non-network printer (HP 1020 deskjet) and, of course, it was on a straight USB connection; however, the Win 8 drivers just wouldn't stick, the printer kept going offline, and the print spooler kept stopping (so, some of this sounds familiar; yes?).

    Here are things that helped my issue:

    I went into Print Management and removed any unnecessary printers and/or drivers.

    After the above, the print spooler issue seemed to be fixed but the offline issue remained.

    I finally resorted to doing a clean install, and during that process, I chnaged my installation method from a Legacy installation to a UEFI installation (supported by my BIOS). Thereafter, I never had a problem with my HP 1020 printer.

    One more thing, I see that you have a Lenovo laptop and if you ever did a clean install of Windows 8, I hope you opted to delete all partitions as part of the process because I can tell you first-hand, that if you left the Lenovo partition structure in place, all kinds of anomolies may surface.

    Anyway, all that I have described is intended to simply give you additional food for though and I am not recommending that you do any or all of what I have described. I'm just sitting here waiting for my better-half to serve breakfast.

    Cheers and good luck.
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    Thanks to all! I do not have it resolved aand I have been reluctant to do the "One Key restore". I have not found any way to restore the computer to Win8 if it all crashes (disk or ?) during the restore. If I use a install disk from another computer I would need the activation number for this computer. Lenovo or MS has most of the number turned to asterisks!

    I cannot remove the printers! I have deleted them from the printer management view. They go away, reboot and they are back! They are network printers (Cannon and HP) that did work at one time and apparently stopped working after some update of the OS. I was using the computer as a test/learning device of Win8 and it is not a primary machine so I was not trying to print regularly, Makes it harder to define when it quit printing.

    I have been hoping that the Win8.1 upgrade may correct the problem.
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    I finaly did a restore from the Lenovo "One Key" as it will not let me use the MS restore. I went all the way back to as if it is a brand new computer! All the Apps I had obtained from the MS store and any programs I installed are gone. I have been busy trying to return the computer to be able to use it.

    Good news - I re installed the network printer and I can now print!

    Bad news -I have to goto my Win7 computer to get on this Forum as I do not find where I saved the Password for this forum to re-install it on the Win8 computer! I also am trying to remember which Apps I had previously and find them.

    Again, thanks for all the help.
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Print spooler keeps shutting down
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