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Create partition image - Windows 8

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    Windows 8 SL

    Create partition image - Windows 8

    I bought an Acer notebook with Windows 8 SL (Single Language) and UEFI BIOS (with Secure Boot) factory installed (Windows Key is set in Bios).

    I have the habit of installing all programs and make an image of partition C: in case of having to reinstall the entire system for problems with Windows, HDD exchange or similar cases. With this gain too long and not have to reinstall all the programs one by one.

    My HDD is partitioned into 4 parts: C:, E:, F: and G:.

    When I enter the Windows 8 app to generate the system image appear two partitions pre-marked for backup: C: (Programs) and EFI System Partition (no drive letter). C: partition is formatted as NTFS, but the EFI is as FAT32.

    My question is: when I restore this, how should I format the partition where you install the system again (C ? Format all the partition as NTFS and Backup app creates the EFI partition FAT32 by own?

    Please can you explain how it works and how to proceed?

    I will boot the system by CD-ROM.

    In advance thank you to all who contribute.

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    Please can you explain how it works and how to proceed?
    You can use the Windows system image all partitions.

    System Image - Create in Windows 8

    than Recovery will repartition all the partitions.
    System Image Recovery - Restore Image on Computer in Windows 8
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    Windows 8 SL

    OK, thanks!

    But the other partitions are repository for songs and pictures. I do backup of them manually and it's not necessary include in Image. Only C: partition.

    About image restoration, how I need format C: partition to recover the saved Image? NTFS? FAT32?

    The app creates EFI System Partition (EPS) FAT32 partition automatically?

    The total size of C: partition includes Recovery, EPS and Push Button hidden partitons?

    Where in HDD Windows records these hidden partitions?
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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    Partitons on a Drive VS Entire Drive ?

    Windows native imaging program [GUI] will not and cannot image individual partitions.

    If can and does image an entire drive. It will 'list?' the partitions that it 'wants?' to list,
    but it WILL actually image all the partitions on the drive.

    In my case, a Dell EUFI, it does not list the Dell recovery partition, nor does it list Dell's
    Diagnostic partition as one that it will image. But it DOES image those and they
    'magically?' appear upon restoration.

    Or perhaps it just leaves those sectors alone and gallivants around them during restoration. I just don't know.

    2cents worth
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Create partition image - Windows 8
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