So, I installed windows 8 pro, everything is fine except two small things...
1) the video playback is sloppy, in windows 7 on the same pc the HD videos were playing nicely, but in windows 8 on the same pc normal videos (not HD) dont play well, they have a "stop and play" about 10th of a second, but if it continues, you know its not watchable...right?
the audio plays fine there's no problem with that, but the video is not watchable...
tried installing the latest player but still no use..

2) the windows 8 update, not fond of updates cause never really understood the whole point of it considering that the pc runs fine without them,
the updates wont start because my internet is metered...(I use 3G) but does this mean i can never update since i dont have wifi?? there has to be a manual update process...what is it? - is the question..

Anybody having anything to say on this is very welcomed..
Help is always appreciated
Thank you
Junior Geek