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"System Managed" Paging File Seems Low

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    I'm still gonna stick with my 2GB pagefile minimum recommendation and if you'd like to further decrease the pagefile in Windows 8/8.1 (64-Bit) then just manually set the minimum to 16MB and maximum to 2GB (which is the minimum recommended size) and let the pagefile grow as it's needed up to 2GB.

    Having said that in the end I guess to each his own then when it comes to pagefile size one wants on his system, Microsoft does NOT recommends disabling the pagefile for good reason but ummm...forget it.

    I think this thread is done...I been stand corrected and I guess I won't bother sticking my noise into threads solely based on one's opinion and awareness and not actual fact not to mention I pretty much brought this upon myself raising this thread up from the grave out of nowhere.

    My apologies, please close the thread...

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    I guess to each his own then when it comes to pagefile size

    Microsoft does NOT recommends disabling the pagefile
    Agreed, but they are not against disabling the pagefile as long as proper conditions are met.

    I have excerpted this Microsoft statement from the full article that follows (via link):
    The 64-bit versions of Windows can support more RAM than the 32-bit versions of these products. When a lot of memory is added to a computer, a paging file may not be required.
    Full article:
    How to determine the appropriate page file size for 64-bit versions of Windows

    No apologies necessary IMHO. I think you did good!
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    With adequate RAM you will probably never need a pagefile. But that isn't the point.
    The popular misconception (even among many computer professionals) is that the pagefile is some kind of necessary evil. If you just have enough RAM you can disable the pagefile and performance will be much better. Statements like that can be found all over the Internet, and often made by people who should know better.

    The pagefile was designed to optimize the use of RAM, however much you may have. Disable it and you will pay the price in performance. Of course if you have a large amount of RAM for your workload that impairment will probably not be noticed. There are specific situations where a disabled pagefile will improve some aspect of performance. But overall it will suffer.

    The placebo effect is a powerful thing. If you truly believe you are improving performance then you will almost certainly perceive it.
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    Statements like that
    Statements like what?

    Also, you have made conflicting statements in the same thread:

    If you just have enough RAM you can disable the pagefile and performance will be much better.
    Disable it and you will pay the price in performance.
    And finally, the page file has nothing to do with RAM optimization.
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"System Managed" Paging File Seems Low
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