I tried to make an image of C: drive onto E: (a partition on the same physical drive) and Windows said the file system on E: is corrupted, would not run. I ran chkdsk /r from a command prompt, it found a few file systems errors during stage 3.
When I tried to run the image after that, it got one step further, seemed like it was starting to run, then said "drive \\?\Volume (a long string of letters and numbers)" has file system corruption. But the question mark there left it up in the air as to what drive it was talking about. I ran chkdsk /r on the C: drive and the system reserved drive, it found no errors.

Rebooted, and then the image would run, even though nothing had been changed.

I had that first error message about the E drive a month or so ago, chkdsk did not help at all. I ended up deleting the E: partition and recreating it in order to allow the image to be created. Any ideas what is going on here?