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Win 8 / Win 7 dual boot results in chkdsk run at boot

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    Win 8 / Win 7 dual boot results in chkdsk run at boot

    I am dual booting win8 and win7. I actually have win8 installed on its own hard drive and win 7 installed in its own hard drive. The win7 hard drive has been in use for the past 2 years and I have had Win8 running for about a week now. I purchased another hard drive for Win8 and left the old Win7 as it was.
    I also have 3 other hard drives in the system. Everything is formatted NTFS.
    So my system is as follows
    Drive C - Boot Drive - I physically swap out the dedicated hard drive for Win 8 or Win 7
    Drive D - internal 250 GB sata drive
    Drive F - internal 250 GB sata drive
    Drive H - internal 250 GB hard drive.
    I have been running this config for about 2 years under Win7 with no problems.
    The problem that I have now is when I swap the boot drive and boot up a different OS than last time (Like booting Win8, powering down system, swap boot drive, boot Win7) the system always says that there are problems on the 3 non-boot drives. It runs chkdsk(it least that is what it look like) and processes the 3 non boot disks one at a time which take about 10-12 minutes for all 3. Most of the time it finds no problems, but about 1 out of 5 boots will find a problem with one of the disks and then fixes it. The disks seem to be OK while I am running. I then power down and swap boot drive and reboot the other os and we start all over again. I am powering the system completely down for each reboot to make sure that the disk cache is flushed.So far the disk problems have been fixed by chkdsk at boot, but I am sure the day will come when the disk cannot be fixed and I will loose data.

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    if your PC boots correctly when you swap win7 drive with win8 , there must be a problem with the windows 7 drive...... try to run the win7 drive on an other PC and see if everything goes fine, if not your win7 HD might be facing a problem
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    If you want both systems to be truly independent then install them one by one with other ones disconnected. After you can choose from which drive to boot using the quick boot menu from BIOS and not have parts of both OS on different HDDs. If you limit system restore to only the drives for that particular OS, there's no interference of each other.
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    This is caused by fast boot.

    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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Win 8 / Win 7 dual boot results in chkdsk run at boot
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