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Why Doesn't Scheduled Chkdsk Run On Restart?

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    Why Doesn't Scheduled Chkdsk Run On Restart?

    I have a dual boot laptop with Win8 and Win7. When I choose to run chkdsk /f from Command Prompt(Admin) on my Win8 boot drive, I get the normal message that says disk is in use and to type "Y" to schedule it to run on restart. I type "Y" and hit "Enter", but if I either Restart or Shutdown and turn laptop back on, and choose to boot Win8, chkdsk seems to cancel itself. I get the message to "press any key" in 2 seconds if I want to cancel the disk check, but I never press or do anything yet chkdsk seems to cancel itself. When Win8 boots I have looked in Event Viewer and there is no sign of any chkdsk or wininit event that says it checked disk for errors.

    I have gotten the message in Action Center, to reboot to scan and repair errors which works fine. Right clicking my boot drive, going to the Tools tab and scanning drive for errors also works. My only issue is scheduling to check my boot partition for errors via command prompt.

    Must I disable Fast Startup/Hybrid Boot for the scheduled chkdsk to work or something else? Thanks.

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    If it will not start, it means that the system has detected no problems with the file system on the drive. If you really want to do it, download Hiren's Boot CD from the link below (under my pic), boot from than and start Mini XP and run it from there. There is a link to it in the start menu. Or pull up a command prompt and type CHKDSK c: /x /r
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    Is only a 2 second countdown for a boot scheduled chkdsk, normal for Win8? I didn't know that if you schedule chkdsk to run on restart, that it won't run if the system detected no problems. Thanks XweAponX, I'm aware of Mini XP on Hiren's, do you know of any programs that can fix issues with SSD's like for example, Seatools works with Seagate HDD's?
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    Hy, i read your post because i had the similar problem.

    If you want to perform a full CHKDSK /R on your C:\ drive u have to activate the boot legacy first, so you can press F8 while the computer starts. U can still get into this menu somehow via the SETTINGS/"change pc settings" on the right sidebar, but it's recommended to activate the booting legacy so u can restore your pc in case of any booting problems.

    1.) press windows+x and click command promt (admin)
    2.) enter bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy
    3.) "The operation completed successfully." appears
    4.) restart your pc and press F8 while booting

    If u would like to disable the F8 key and go back to the original Windows 8 setting enter:
    bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard

    Instructions to perform CHKDSK on C:\

    1.) When u are in the Boot menu klick on Troubleshoot
    2.) click command promt
    3.) In the command prompt x:\Windows\System32 is shown. This is the boot image. (C:\ is not the your Windows drive, it's the small reserved partition)
    4.) try some drive letters e.g. D:\ , E:\ ,... and enter dir afterwards to see the directory structure
    5.) If you find the same files and folders as on your C:\ drive while windows 8 is running you have found the right drive.
    6.) enter CHKDSK /R and type yes when u are asked to unmount the drive to perform the operation

    I could not make a Windows Backup, not even with a third party software because of I/O erros. With this method i found 16 Errors and afterwards it worked

    I hope i could help u
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    Here's something thay I found to be an interesting MSDN win8 Check Disk article...
    Redesigning chkdsk and the new NTFS health model
    Redesigning chkdsk and the new NTFS health model - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
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    Revera, thanks for the info about the correct way to use Chkdsk on boot disk in Win8. I have many Event 153-disk-The IO operation at logical block address 18c1f47f for Disk 0 was retried, and also Event 14-volsnap-The shadow copies of volume C: were aborted because of an IO failure on volume C.
    I am able to create a Restore Point and I see that it is actually created, yet if I look a day later, all restore points are gone. I know all these Events started showing up after my SSD "disappeared" from Windows and then the BIOS. The Crucial M4 has had about 7 firmware updates thus far, so I think it's an issue that they are aware of. Every time the SSD had disappeared in the past, it created bad sectors and I had to do a Secure Erase which cleared the bad sectors/events and then reinstall Windows.
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    Thanks for this - while I now understand what M$ is trying to do, for those who are seen as "experts" who fix PCs, we need to run CHKDSK as a matter of course hence now for Win 8 we need to be aware of how to incept CHKDSK, as it is already clear to me that we cannot rely on M$'s on the fly fix for hdd issues. See my post earlier today.

    Contrary to what M$ believes hdd's have become less reliable (probably now the most common replacement we make) - note that manufacturers have reduced the warranty period on retail hdds, which kind of confirms this, being cynical.
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