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on the humor.

Just to let you know, your Join Date was Jun 2011. It's list under each member's name at every post. I noticed you had a 4 post count upon your OP. That's why I welcomed you back.

I dual boot for a few reasons. I run a construction business on my 7 side. I started with Release Preview last early June, then Enterprise Evaluation, and then my final OEM 8 Pro Edition just after the Holidays. I'm still using Office 2000 Pro on my 7 side. It won't load into 8. I need to upgrade that and rightfully so, but I'm retiring soon and haven't come to a complete decision on that yet. I don't trust new OSs until they get the bugs worked out, although 8 has been good that way and was/is quite stable and quick. It also gave me time to learn 8 while using 7 for business. There is a slight more learning curve to 8 because of the new UI, Modern/Metro Store apps, touch-centricity (it works well with mouse & keyboard), and overall changes.

Good luck to you whatever you decide.
Thanks for the info. I'm very eager to build a new machine. I'm running off of a Core 2 Duo E6750, SATA II Hard drive, DDR2 RAM and a GTX 460 SE 1GB at the moment. My motherboard's DIMM slots are half dead so I can only use 4 GB of RAM for now and I really need more. Do I really NEED something like 32 GB? No, but I'll take it. I'd upgraded my machine from 2GB to 4GB. Originally, it had Windows XP on it which, for 2GB of RAM, that was just fine. I then installed an InfiniTV4 card onto my PC, basically turning it into a HTPC and that slowed it down. I also do some software/database development and gaming, too. That said, a faster processor and at least double the memory what I have now, will do me wonders. I just want to future-proof it a bit more. Oh, I don't have a blu-ray player at the moment, either but I have a feeling optical discs are going away, anyways. That might not even be a factor. I have Verizon FiOS as my Internet and I do watch streams on my PC...it'd be nice if it just all ran a whole lot smoother.