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compatibility mode

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    compatibility mode

    I'd like to ask something.

    When I run a program in compatibility mode, what changes are made in OS?

    To make my question more specific.

    When I print from windows 8, the spl file has very different structure than when I print from windows 7.

    But when I run the application in compatibility mode windows 7, the spl file that is created is exactly the same with windows 7 spl.

    So I try to find out what compatibility mode changes, in order to produce in windows 8 a .spl file that is exactly the same with windows 7 spl, without running my app in compatibility mode.

    Thanks and sorry for my english

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    Hello sgkin, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    It depends on the problem, but any changes made are related to how Windows runs the program. No changes are made to the program itself. For example, the Program Compatibility Assistant can resolve conflicts with User Account Control, a new security feature in this version of Windows that can help make your computer safer. Or, it can run the program in a mode that simulates earlier versions of Windows. The changes that Program Compatibility Assistant makes are done automatically, so you don't need to make them. However, you can also use compatibility mode to manually select what mode to use.

    Compatibility Mode - Use in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    thanks for the reply.
    I know how to run a program in compatibility mode.
    But I'd like to know what "happens" to my app when I execute it in compatibility mode.
    If there is any documentation.
    In my case, i'd like to know if the compatibility mode changes the function of the spooler, or if my app in this mode uses a v3 printer driver.
    or what other may happen.
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    There's a huge range of things, from OS version to standard user, and I don't think there's an extensive list. Here's something to give you an idea of what can be covered: Application Compatibility

    If you want to gain a better understanding and analyze the situation, this would be a good start: Application Compatibility, Windows 7, Vista | Toolkit | TechNet
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    thanks for the help, but it didn't help me.

    i still can't find out what is going on and i get different .spl files.
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    Are you asking out of curiosity? Because I don't see the actual problem statement in your post.

    The particular change you're looking for may not be documented anywhere. E.g. I don't see anything mentioned here and the last change in emfspool was documented in 2011.
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    it is not curiosity. we have a real problem, but we can solve it running our app in compatibility mode.
    but we would like to get the same spl, without running in compatibility mode.
    Here i have two .spl files!120

    I printed at MS Publisher Imagesetter. win8.spl is from win8 and win7.spl from compatibility mode.
    And from win7 the .spl file is exact the same as in compatibility mode.
    I use this app EMF Printer Spool File Viewer - CodeProject to view spl files.
    if you have time take a look.

    edit: and it is not only with ms publisher imagesetter. it is also with hp printer drivers.
    and the print processor is winprint--> raw.
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    While I find your question interesting, I don't have knowledge in SPL files and I'm not an AppCompat Guy, I'm sorry

    The only thing I can tell is that there's nothing wrong in using AppCompat mode, unless it causes real problems. But they can be dealt with too.
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    Win 7

    I'm working at the same problem that spl-files created with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are completely different from
    spl-files created with Windows 7.
    The print-processor of my printer-driver ist set do "winprint + NT EMF 1.008" and I used the spl-files to extract EMF-Pictures.
    Works for over 10 years fine!
    I changed the compatibility-mode from the printing-application to Windows 7 (on Win 8.1-PC and on Win 10-PC) but nothing
    changed! The spl-files are still different to those files created while printing on a Windows 7-PC.

    Where do you set the compatibility-mode to Windows 7?
    Is there a way to set a compatibility-mode to a printer-driver?
    (I just set the compatibility-mode for the Application from which I print.)

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    Hello Don, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You should be able to set compatibility mode for the driver installation file instead. The tutorial below can help show you how to. It would be best to use the latest Windows 7 driver for you printer from the manufacturer if available.

    Compatibility Mode - Use in Windows 8
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