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Win8-Moving current tab to secondary monitor.

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    Win8-Moving current tab to secondary monitor.

    I have tried a few multiple monitor software packages (settled on UltraMon) and have done some Googling.
    I am trying to find a keyboard shortcut/hotkey that will move my browser's CURRENT TAB ONLY between monitors.
    I know I can drag it, but a shortcut key would be so much better.



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    If youre using chrome you can add an extension called keyboard detach/reattach, that will get you half way there.
    The shortcut to detach current tab is (Shift)(Ctrl)(;)

    Then you can use the windows shortcut of (shift)(win)left for left screen or (shift)(win)right for right screen..

    I was messing with all the controls without the extension, but could not find a way to detach the tab....
    Oddly enough windows will move it from screen to screen with its built in shortcuts...

    Play with the (WIN) (up) (dwn) (left) (right) and (Shift)(Win) (up).......etc .....

    If you dont have chrome, ill try to find a way with IE10


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Win8-Moving current tab to secondary monitor.
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