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WmiPrvSE.exe hogging processor

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    windows 8

    i also have this problem how can i fix it though

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    windows 8

    well this is embarasing......

    when i did the logiing steps it automaticly dissapeared and k am running as goood as stock
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    If you're still having problems, have a look at the link in post #10 (page 1) of this thread, and also here.
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    windows 8

    Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-WMI-Activity/Trace
    Source: Microsoft-Windows-WMI-Activity
    Date: 11/12/2013 10:57:01 PM
    Event ID: 50
    Task Category: None
    Level: Information
    User: SYSTEM
    Computer: idea-PC
    Activity Transfer
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-WMI-Activity" Guid="{1418ef04-b0b4-4623-bf7e-d74ab47bbdaa}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-11-13T06:57:01.734113400Z" />
    <Correlation ActivityID="{1782D085-F6F5-428C-BEBB-F44E890C44DF}" RelatedActivityID="{6854820B-E03D-0001-2582-54683DE0CE01}" />
    <Execution ProcessID="604" ThreadID="2600" ProcessorID="1" KernelTime="4" UserTime="7" />
    <Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />

    this my log can anyone help my wmi is hogging 40% constintly
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    Windows 8.1


    Not sure how to enterpret Resource Monitor and "WmiPrvSE.exe" ..... is this normal ?
    I'm running w8.1
    Click image for larger version

    Quote Originally Posted by simrick View Post
    , referes (at the bottom) to a hotfix for Windows 2008 R2.
    - is this valid for w8.1 ?

    Attached are logs
    Quote Originally Posted by cluberti View Post
    You can enable WMI tracing (it's not on by default) by doing the following on Win8:

    • Open Event Viewer
    • Click View > Show Analytic and Debug Logs
    • Browse to Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > WMI-Activity
    • Right-click on both the "Debug" and "Trace" log options within this folder, and select "Enable Log" for both (the "Operational" log should already be enabled and logging generic events)

    Reboot, and after the next time you see high activity in wmiprvse.exe, see if there's any activity in these two newly-enabled logs.
    WmiPrvSE.exe hogging processor Attached Files
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    Win 8.1 32bit

    TZres.dll file created over and over again solved

    Long story short, I've spent a day investigating the spikes my cpu made at idle (between 4% and 16%, the culprit was tzres.dll accesed by WMI trying to create a file over and over again.

    Probable causes I found browsing the internet wirth their solution:

    1) Windows Resources Management software - not installed on my system, an official patch exist if you're affected

    2) Malware (opencandy, conduit etc...) - use an anti malware program like adwcleaner or hitman pro

    3) Temporary solution with no culprit found - restart the Windows Management Instrumentation service, the bad behaviour will come back after reboot

    None of these solutions satisfying me, I remembered Antivirus software use the time of your computer in their procedures to weed out malicious programs. TZres.dll dealing with timezones, I decided to investigate and VOILA, the culprit on my system is AVAST ANTIVIRUS.

    Uninstalled and the spikes were gone, my cpu stays at about 2 to 3% at about 600 Mhz, perfect for my little atom tablet!

    Hope this helps

    PS: Installed Panda cloud antivirus and the spikes did not return! It is also supposed to be light on resources and quite effective if you believe the last AV-comparatives test AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection Test » AV-Comparatives
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    Sysinternals Process Explorer is an excellent utility that can help you track down problem processes and malware. Learning how to use it is key:

    SysInternals Pro: Understanding Process Explorer

    Process monitor can be useful also, but there is much more info to wade through, as it monitors registry changes, which can eat up system resources very quickly if you let it run too long. It's general use is to fire it up and start capturing when the problem process starts, stop the capture when you think you've caught it and examine the traces.

    SysInternals Pro: Understanding Process Monitor
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WmiPrvSE.exe hogging processor
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