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Low Virtual Memory

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    Low Virtual Memory

    Just today I have been faced with a low virtual memory issue that locks up my entire computer and requires a restart. This has happened twice today, both times have been when watching The Mentalist from the Xbox Video app. The error has only occurred in one episode. The first time was about 15 minutes in and the second one was about a further 10-15 minutes after the first issue has taken place.

    I was able to get information on the error from event viewer.

    Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: mfpmp.exe (4048) consumed 31578124288 bytes, Steam.exe (5648) consumed 191258624 bytes, and WWAHost.exe (5248) consumed 163639296 bytes.

    A more detailed view of the error is available on pastebin: Friendly View/XML View

    Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Hello MrBauer, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    What do you currently have set for your page file size?

    If you don't already, set to be managed by the system (default setting), then restart the PC to see if that may help.

    Virtual Memory Paging File - Change

    Hope this helps,
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    It appears that the problem is the mfpmp.exe (4048) process with a commit charge of over 29 GB. This is a system process related to digital rights management. A larger pagefile may keep your system running, at least for a time, but this is only papering over the problem.

    You need to determine the location of this process executable. Task Manager should be able to tell you this.
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    Just a quick update. I have increased the page file size which unfortunately did not solve the issue but thanks Brink for your effort.

    I have however found out that it might relate to currently not being plugged into a HDMI port. Because when it is plugged into my DVI port the mfpmp.exe begins to increase rapidly taking up a lot of memory. However when it is plugged into a HDMI port the mfpmp.exe does not take any where near the same amounts of memory as before. Unfortunately my current monitor only has DVI which I am not sure if its HDCP compliant which is where I believe the problem stems from. As LMiller7 pointed out the mfpmp.exe is a process related to digital rights management.

    For now I suppose I will have to make do with the current situation and try to either upgrade the monitor or see about a HDMI to DVI connector and hope that will solve the issue.

    Thanks everyone for helping with this issues.
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    This is a solution that worked in Vista so may help in Windows 8: Get rid of mfpmp.exe - posted by skater66

    Here's a solution to this problem that worked like a champ for me. Here's to hoping that it works for you too.

    And change the AutoInsert value from 1 to 0

    This fixed all my problems, sound works and WMP does not crash.
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Low Virtual Memory
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