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Boot issues

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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Boot issues

    I've been experiencing some puzzling issues.

    My laptop is having some really big issues when booting Windows 8 Pro. Primarily the issue is with rebooting, which it cant do at all, it just hangs on the reboot screen for 15+ min seemingly without progressing. It also has issues while starting from having been turned off, which takes 2+ min to get to the login screen. Likewise shutting down usually takes a lot longer but can be accomplished.

    The only exception to this is when i start the computer up after it has been shut down for a while or entirely drained of power. Then it boots up in less than 10sec (never timed it, but fast anyway) which is what i would expect.

    On top of this i have been experiencing some issues with transferring files between my two drives, but this might be unrelated.

    My win install is as good as new (couple of days old) and i had this issue before doing the reinstall.

    I've turned the fast startup feature of win8 on and off several times, and it seems to have no influence on my boot times. Also my processsor power settings are running with 5% when idle and 100% when active.

    An issue i have become aware of during my research on these problems, is that my win8 is installed on drive1 rather than drive0, and i'm prolly gonna try to fix this later, but afaict, that should not give me the issues i'm having.

    Except for some DNS events, the primary events i'm seeing in the event logs are:

    • Wininit: Custom dynamic link libraries are being loaded for every application.
    • storahci: Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.

    In all honesty i am not skilled enough to even know what other info might be required for me to be able to get help, but if anyone has any thoughts i'd be grateful.

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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Please fill out your system specs, because "my laptop" is inconclusive

    1. Turn off fast startup and see if there's a difference. If not ->
    2. Upload "C:\Windows\System32\wdi\LogFiles\BootCKCL.etl" to any cloud service and post a link.
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    I've turned off fast startup and turned affect it back on, several times, and it does nothing. If anythig it's remarkable how little it seems to things.

    System specs filled out to the best of my ability.



    Thx for the quick response, hope this might go somewhere, other forums have been remarkably unhelpful.
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    You've certainly got everything paused from second 31 to 88, but I hate the other part. You've got a bunch of unknown processes starting before any system process starts. Here's the beginning of your boot process, sorted by the process start time.

    Process Start Time (s) Command Line
    "Unknown" (4088) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3984) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3956) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3928) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3724) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3400) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3276) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3252) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3244) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3136) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3084) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (3008) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (2940) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (2836) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (2776) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (2252) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (2220) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (1972) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (1680) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (1636) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (1440) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (1244) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (1232) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (1180) 0 <Unknown>
    "Unknown" (1116) 0 <Unknown>
    lsass.exe (724) 0 C:\Windows\system32\lsass.exe
    services.exe (716) 0 C:\Windows\system32\services.exe
    wininit.exe (620) 0 wininit.exe
    svchost.exe (540) 0 C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
    Does this Windows come with your laptop? If so, I'd recommend a virus check from a bootable medium.
    Try both
    What is Windows Defender Offline?
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Alright, thx, that helped somewhat, i ran both programs and they must've found something. Now it is actually possible for me to reboot, but it's still pretty slow, way slower than what i'd expect.
    As i said i used to get bootups at considerably less than 20 sec. Now i'm looking at 2 min roughly as far as i can tell.

    I don't know if you have any other thoughts on what might be clogging my system, but just in case i've included the updated version of BootCKCL.etl

    Thx loads for your help, now at least i can suffer through it, but i am still worried we havent caught the real problem.

    I'm gonna try and reinstall windows on my ssd as drive 0 tonight i think, to see if that helps, i might also work on emptying out my storage drive, to see if that'll help things.

    Also the computer came with a boot system called Bigfoot Boot Agent, which i think is a MSI thing, connected to the motherboard. But it seems to be running alongside the bios boot system, and i'm not sure how well they cooperate. When starting the computer i get two separate prompts to access both boot queues, though i haven't ever really done much with them.
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    Windows 8 & Windows 7 Dual Boot

    are you connected to a network, disconnect your ethernet cable and try booting.

    If its still slow run MSconfig and disable all startup items


    If its faster then your pc is hanging on loading a startup file, enable them 2, 3 or 5 at a time til you find the problem program

    If still slow run msconfig click (services) click (hide microsoft services) click (disable all services) reboot

    If its faster then you have a problematic non microsoft service, enable them 15 to 20 at time

    reboot between each additional change

    Find your bad service...

    But if safemode works fast right off the bat, then your problem is in the startup or services.

    Good Luck

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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    New issues

    Ok, things have changed.

    The slow boot issues returned with a vengeance. The virus scans only helped for a little while, and within hours i was having as slow boot times as before the scans.

    So i decided to go ahead and reinstall windows. First it didn't help at all. Then i decided to retry it, but this time without partitioning my hdd, and just installing windows on my ssd. This cleared up the boot times all together.
    I'm now seeing boot times as fast as i've ever seen, and with no trouble rebooting at all.

    However, somthing changed signifigantly. Now i'm seeing repeated BSODs, and different ones, actually i don't think i've seen the same BSOD two times in a row.
    And this is on an almost, at times entirely, fresh install of windows.

    I've had a look at the minidump files with windbg.exe and the only thing i can understand is that they all cite ntoskrnl.exe as an issue. I'm not sure exactly what this implies, but i figured it might be corrupt, so i tried to reinstall windows a couple of times, but this didn't change anything. The i figured my Windows DVDs files might be corrupted, and i was essentially installing a bad version of windows, so i made a new windows install disk. Reinstalling windows from this new disk still didn't change anything.

    So now i'm really at the end of my abilities, at this point i pretty much figure it's either a driver or a hardware issue, but i have no idea what it might be.

    The different BSODs I've seen are:


    I know for certain that there is at least one other which i didn't note. And they all seem to have some connection to ntoskrnl.exe

    I really don't know what is going on, so any help I can get at this point would be much appreciated. I'm not even sure if this should be an entirely new thread, but I can't imagine how it is not in some way related to my previous issues.

    I've included the minidump files.

    I think I'll open up my laptop and resocket the ssd and the hdd, so I get the ssd in the drive 0 position and get all the wiring rechecked.

    Edit: This all seems to have been an issue with a corrupt/out of date driver for my network card, which i had gotten on a CD along with my laptop. It was basically the only and the first thing i installed on my computer before seeing the BSODs. I'm unsure how much this was influencing my other issue, but I was using the same driver then.
    Now, it seems, all my issues have been cleared up. I'll try one thing more and run this for a little while before closing this up and posting my end results.
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