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Windows Windows 7 File Recovery in Windows 8

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    Windows Windows 7 File Recovery in Windows 8

    I installed a full version of Windows 8 on to a new clean hard drive and all seems to be working well except for one very unusual issue.

    I went in to Control Paneland accessed “Windows 7 File Recovery” in Windows 8 (back up), just as I did in the past with Windows 7 and made an image of my computer. The image was successfully made and put on one of my physically separate secondary drives (Drive E).

    Once I made the system image, I wanted to test that it could be accessed in the event I needed to use it in the future.

    I restarted Windows 8 with the original Windows 8 install/repair disk, through my CD/DVD/Blue ray drive and selected the “repair” function and was able to go through the steps where it was detected and ready to be installed if needed.

    When I was able to see that the “image” was recognized and ready to use (if ever needed) I clicked on “Cancel”so as to not allow the procedure to start and all shut down as expected.

    I removed the Windows 8 disk from my drive and restarted my computer as normal.

    Here is where the problem starts.

    The system booted up and the blue windows 8 logo displayed as normal and the little white circular motion below the logo started in its circular motion, signifying that things are happening. The problem was “that is all that happened”.

    The computer was stuck in a forever startup. After several minutes, I shut down the computer tried it again and same thing, it was stuck in virtual start-up.

    After some thought and a lucky gues (because it was the last thing I did), I un-plugged drive E, which had the system image on it and then restarted the computer again and it started up just fine.

    When I plugged hard drive-E back in to the computer it was again stuck in virtual start-up.

    I then removed drive-E and re-formatted it on a different computer (using windows 7), then put it back into the computer using Windows 8 and it worked fine.

    In short, when I put a system image on a hard drive in my computer, then try to access it, the computer becomes frozen in a forever start-up.

    Has anyone else had this problem and/or any suggestions or help?

    Thank you


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    Just a guess - the repair modified the BCD to point to the recovery image and your bootup was trying to recover the image.

    At an elevated prompt, type BCDEDIT and see if it looks normal.

    You can probably look for examples pretty easily in these forums.
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    Thank you for your comment:

    Good point; I was thinking something along the samelines but was not quite sure what specifically may cause it to happen and the BCD makes sense.

    Afterstating the obvious, that Windows 8 is a different operating system thenWindows 7; the first thought in my mind is, if this is the reason (or some similarfile set) why did it not happen in windows 7?

    As the backup is based on windows 7


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Windows Windows 7 File Recovery in Windows 8
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