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Google Drive using nearly 100% disk speed on new laptop

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    Google Drive using nearly 100% disk speed on new laptop

    My new laptop (Dell Inspiron 15RSE, 1TB @ 5400rpm, 8GB, i5-3230M@2.60GHz, AMD Radeon HD 7730M) is using the Google drive app to sync files between my Google account and my laptop. but it's using 100% of the disk speed and killing the performance of everything else.
    Click image for larger version
    Has anyone else had this problem? I tried changing the affinity and the priority but had no luck.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)
    Many thanks,
    Tommy Burn

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    Your drive must be too slow for the task. Core i5, 8GB RAM... and HDD 5400rpm? SSD is your best investment

    Depending on your laptop model, you may be able to add an mSATA SSD while keeping the HDD.

    P.S. Just curious about your drive speed. Please run in the elevated command prompt:
    winsat disk -ran -read -drive %SystemDrive:~0,1%
    winsat disk -ran -write -drive %SystemDrive:~0,1%
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    Thanks, but for now is there no way of throttling the disk usage of a process?
    I ran that in the command prompt and it returned this:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
    (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\windows\system32>winsat disk -ran -read -drive %SystemDrive:~0,1%
    Windows System Assessment Tool
    > Running: Feature Enumeration ''
    > Run Time 00:00:00.00
    > Running: Storage Assessment '-ran -read -drive C'
    > Run Time 00:00:14.95
    > Disk Random 16.0 Read 1.40 MB/s 3.8
    > Total Run Time 00:00:17.51

    C:\windows\system32>winsat disk -ran -write -drive %SystemDrive:~0,1%
    Windows System Assessment Tool
    > Running: Feature Enumeration ''
    > Run Time 00:00:00.00
    > Running: Storage Assessment '-ran -write -drive C'
    > Run Time 00:00:13.02
    > Disk Random 16.0 Write 2.36 MB/s
    > Total Run Time 00:00:13.80

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    Compared to the data provided by my blog readers, your random read speed of 1.4MB/s is below average for HDD. I haven't collected write speed data, but I don't see a reason why it would be great.

    The process is already listed as a background process in Task Manager, so I doubt there's much you can do. One thing I can suggest to try, though. I don't use Google Drive, so this is just a general approach.

    1. Remove Google Drive from startup.
    2. Create a basic scheduled tasks that runs Google Drive at logon.
    3. Export the task to XML.
    4. Open the exported XML in Notepad, find the Priority node and change the value from 7 to 10. It should look like
    5. Delete the task you've created and import the saved XML.

    The value of 10 is the lowest priority for a process, which applies to both CPU and I/O priority. You can't set the task priority in GUI or command line, that's why you go the XML way.
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    I had exactly the same issue (and also the memory utilization grew and grew). It happened on both my Win 8 laptop and on my MacBook. It happened to me even when there is nothing to synch and everything is up to date. It has been reported many times but there is no solution as far as I know. None that I could find anyway.

    In the end I gave up and now use SkyDrive and Dropbox with no issues.

    Sorry this is not an answer but in my experience Google Drive isn't really useable and if you are able use an alternative then do. I spent a lot of time failing to resolve this so if you manage to please do post back.
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Google Drive using nearly 100% disk speed on new laptop
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