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To Backup Haters - 17 Mins for restore of entire W8 system

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARC1020 View Post
    And not just backup, but ideally keep off-site backups, so in the event your house is burgled or catches fire, you won't lose the backups as well. If keeping them on-site, at very least store them in a certified water and fireproof safe.
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    In principle I agree with you - but if your house was burgled or in particular catches fire I think you'd have a lot more concerns to worry about than whether you backed your computer up. !!! However I agree always have TWO copies -- preferably ONE set off site. Incidentally TEST the Backup restore process at least once to ensure its reliable --you don't want to find out when you need to recover your system that the backups you made were no good or otherwise defective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    USB3 as well is pretty fast -- remember also my restore was done from a SPINNER (USB3 )to the SSD (attached via a USB2 cable) - had it been from INTERNAL SSD to SSD it would have been a bit quicker still. You won't regret that 22 mins -- Backup might only be needed once in several months - but when you've got it you'll be really glad you've made the backup. Don't forget also to have a copy of your DATA as well - this can be done at will and doesn't have to be done in one go especially if you have seveal TB to backup - but you SHOULD make a backup at some time.

    jimbo, I also toasted an image (via Macrium) of my Win 7 system, 48GB @ 10mins (SSD to spinner on USB3 dock).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    ...However I agree always have TWO copies
    Two copies might be overdoing it. In worst case scenario, you always have the recovery disk to start over again...

    what is more important is to make back ups of the files that matter to you....
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    I make two copies. one made with acronis and the other with windows image backup. that way if one backup fails, I have the other.

    I have 2 2tb backup drives. I keep the one image on one drive and the other image on the other drive.

    for the acronis image I keep older backups. just in case I find out a unfixable problem with the system and it was imaged with the problem I can go back to and older image and the problem wont be there.

    and this only take 15 minutes to do this. 80gb image normally. I dont keep my programs on my system drive.

    I also have an acronis recovery cd and windows 8 recovery cd.

    I remember when I had windows xp and ghost backup. I had the image on 4 cdroms

    with windows vista and up I would need a blueray drive to that.

    not a bad idea but time consuming seeing burning a backup takes time and the price of 1 disc. ouch..

    oh and windows 8 filehistory works nice. I lost a file and it had it for me.

    I also have some windows 7 backup. just in case I get mad at windows 8.
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To Backup Haters - 17 Mins for restore of entire W8 system
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