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Win 8 system backup image restore error help

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    Win 8 system backup image restore error help

    Hi there,

    My windows 8 pro install messed up n i have almost 2.8tb of stuff on my drive on a 3tb hd. I have an identical hd as a backup which i have (an apparently successful) a backup of my system from a couple of weeks ago on. I had set the system to do scheduled backups of the system (set to backup a system image of efi partition and c. There were a few times where i was trying to get other things done and the systemwas running slow so i cancelled the backups when i noticed them running. The software stopped the backups (seemingly successfully).

    As i say my system messed up - i came home to find out it was no longer downloading (as i had left it doing when i went to work) but was on a blue screen (bsod?) saying the system needs to be restarted. Since then it didnt work well at all and after dskchk reported that several sectors were damaged so it was moving data to spare sectors (or whatever it generally reports when this happens) there were a lot of files messed up or reported as deleted when doing a file recovery scan with recuvva.

    So i decided to restore the backed up system image from the other hd. Incidentally i tried mounting the vhdx backup image from that hd via windows explorer which then reported "the disk needs formatting" and didnt get any success mounting via disk management either (it mounted in the app but didnt show up on windows explorer and if i tried to access info on it via disk management it reported the same"disk needs formatting prompt".

    So when i booted my win 8 dvd it didnt work cos the dvd wasnt an efi booting version so i had to boot from a usb version with the efi bit included.

    I formatted the system drive and chose to do an image restore. It started doing the restore (apparently) but every time i came back to it later i had the follwing error:

    "Re-image your computer

    The system image restore failed.

    Error details: The requested system device cannot be identified due to multiple indistinguishable devices potentially matching the identification criteria Ox80073B92"

    This seems to be a rare error judging by the fact that nothing comes up via google so i am desperately asking for ur help on this one! I cant bare to find out there is nothing i can do as it tuk me so long to set up my system n i have a lot of my own data on there too.

    The system drive i formatted was created in diskpart and then re formatted with "format" command (as it created the disk in raw mode) so now it is ntfs mode (uncompressed).

    Let me know if u need any more info too

    Thanks in advance sooooooo much for ur help,


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    You could try mounting it with something else.

    Not sure if partition guru free will do it. The paid version handles vhd.

    Once mounted, partition guru can make it's own image of the mounted drive., which can be restored.

    You might need the paid version for that - worth looking at the freebie in case it does.

    Data recovery, partition management and disk utilities - PartitionGuru Free
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    A gud idea altho looking at the web site not even the paid pro version supports vhdx (only vhd which is for 2tb and less images) unfortunately

    Any other recommendations or other solutions????
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    As i dont have an install of windows i went to install a basic fresh version on the drive so i cud access and install some partitioning software as you recommended but when i went to choose the hd install location i noticed that it looks like the restore had worked (from looking at the setup of the drive), the only difference being that the hidden efi and reserved partitions were the other way around in order - wud this affect anything?

    Anyway after restarting from the apparently newly restored hd it came to a window saying something like:

    Mbr error 1
    Please insert a floppy disk and press any key

    Altho come to think of it i used to get this when i chose to boot directly from the old hd setup (via bios boot device settings) instead of the windows boot manager. But i had a actually chosen the win boot manager as the boot option. Im wondering if either The boot manager isnt set up to boot the new restored hd correctly OR the bootable section of the new hd isnt set up correctly?

    Incidently (and this was already present before my system messed up) there are two boot manager boot options in the bios (one for each of the hd's - the backup hd used to be the system hd??????) and also an acronis loader from when i tried acronis out (not sure how to delete acronis loader or if i need TWO boot manager options????)

    Ps sorry for all the questions - im still learning!
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    This situation is very confusing. If I could, perhaps I wll restate what I seem to feel was your situation before your last post.

    You have a system with two 3 TB hard drives with Windows 8 installed on one and an Old Windows 8 install on the other. When you try to re-image the the primary drive, you get a "don't know which one to use" type error message.

    I have seen that error message. One possibility might be you need to completely remake the USB flash drive in case something was written to it. It has happened to me in Windows 8 while I was testing,although not sure it is the case here.

    A drive needs room for things you might not realize. Running a 3 TB drive to a point it is completely full could very well create problems. If the re-image did not succeed, is your drive still in its original condition?

    I might also think it could be the other drive which seems to contain an install. If the current install was a clone or image of the earlier install, it might explain the message, however, since the image is on that drive, it should not be involved, theoretically...

    Could you explain your comment about "formatting the System Drive"? When you re-image, the entire drive is redone, not just specific partitions. If for some reason you only had one EFI partition and it was on the drive containing the backup, a re-image would probably not be allowed.

    I was able to mount the .vhdx file but I had to give it a drive letter in Disk Management for it to show.

    So, I have two requests. Please fill in your system info and be specific as to what in on that system. Some of that information might help resolve some problems.

    Also, if you can, download and burn a Partition Management utility, like Partition Wizard Home Edition Bootable and use it to get us a picture of your drives and partitions. A camera works well for such things and attach using the paperclip on advanced replies.
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    Hi there. Sorry ive only just seen ur reply. Thanks for ur advice. I got so fed up of messing about that i ended up doing a restore of the image again. Ive set up most of the system to how it was but currently after restarting its sitting on a black screen after logging in. The hd still seems busy so who knows what its doing! Disk defrag reported the hd as only being 0.8 percent fragged but also reported that some files couldnt be defragged as there was not enough space (contiguous space im guessing). Admittedly i do need to burn off a gud chunk of data to free up space but im shocked that such problems can occur from low space (by low space i mean only 200gb(!!!) free) my mac can cope with zilch free space! Amazing!

    Regarding ur questions and requests i will endeavor to do them when i am next able. I am not free this evening but watch this space....
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    Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg!


    Win 8 is sh*t! Microsoft are pr*cks!

    Utter incompetence!

    Its been ten days now an i still haven't even been able to reinstall win8 again. Ive tried restoring and the errors r present, ive tried booting win 8 install dvd/usb but all this crap with uefi and 64 bit boll*cks causes this to be a infinite nightmare. Microsoft themselves have a convoluted web site system and their phone lines incorrectly sent me to the wrong service for help.

    I finally decided to install win 7 and upgrade to win 8 (only way i can get things to work) but the dumb sh*t installer wiped the wrong hd and then installed win 7 now ive gotta f*ck around finding a gud recovery app that is bootable and try to recover my partition with the old screwed up win 8 with all my files on!

    Thanks microsoft u bast*rds!!!! F*cking idiots for making their os in such an irresponsible, flawed and convoluted way

    Btw- yes this IS how pissed off this crap company and their primitive software can get me/anyone. I dint like wasting the best part of ten days of my free time to get nowhere only right back to zilch!!!

    If i can be bothered to report anything in the future i will but right now i have lost the will to live...
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    It is all going very well, obviously.

    The secure boot / efi thing can be a real pita.

    Are you in the UK?
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    Yeah. Why?
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    Might be able to drop you round boot media I made.

    It has everything on there you might need.
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Win 8 system backup image restore error help
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