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how do I clear the ram cache?

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    how do I clear the ram cache?

    thread title says it all, how do I clear my cached ram?

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    Do you mean like the 4.7 gig shown here? AFAIK it isn't necessary, its just appdata that is recently used. It will be given to other apps if necessary. Of course a reboot will clear it out, but I am sure you were looking for something on the fly.

    Click image for larger version
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    Clearing out this cache will do absolutely nothing to speed up your system. It may, however, slow it down. Remember, RAM is written to--it isn't exactly erased. "Erasing" is actually overwriting RAM with something else.

    Always remember this: Unused RAM is wasted RAM. Windows takes this to heart by filling your RAM with the prefetch cache, recently used programs, and anything else it can. If your system is using 100% RAM without a lot of page faults (using hard drive space as RAM), you are doing great.
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  4. #4 I shouldnt be so ****ed afraid of running out of free unused ram then?
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    The "cached" ram is also listed as available. And yes, free ram isn't doing anything for you.
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    You should not be concerned about a low value for free memory. The ideal would be zero free memory at all times but we are not there yet. As long as the available memory is reasonably high, and at 5.9 GB it is more than that, you should be fine.

    A high value for cached memory is a good thing. Part of this will be on the standby list, the remainder the file cache. The former is part of available memory. The latter is not but will be trimmed back if necessary for other purposes.

    One of the nice thing about using a modern operating system is that it manages computer resources, including memory. And it does a better job than even an expert could hope to do. Manual intervention is almost always counterproductive.
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    Here is the solution! :)

    Here is the solution for what you've asked! A solution that flushes the Cached Ram, if you do exactly as it says inside the tutorial! But rightclick and run as administrator! This tool I mean. And do EXACTLY as stated! It is a temporary solution since it can't stop windows from building up new caches. But you can manually release all cached space. Here:
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    Disable Or Remove Unnecessary Software

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how do I clear the ram cache?
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