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Windows is using 60%+ of ram on bootup

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    Kirkham UK
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit

    Windows is using 60%+ of ram on bootup

    Right now I am using 85% ram
    Before the high ram usage I would be using 50-75% ram
    I am sure I have no viruses
    Items running on startup
    1. Avast 8.0
    2. Rainmeter

    I have done a disk cleanup and a disk defrag

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    Windows 8

    I wouldn't worry about it unless you've noticed it affects performance. Probably that memory can still be freed whenever some application needs it. I have 3GB ram and it uses 50%.

    I guess you tried turning off Avast and Rainmeter?
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    So, whats the problem ? you dont know what task manager is ?
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    I don't it is a problem. I feel Win8 try to use memory as much as possible. In other words avoid to use virtual memory (disk swap)
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    Vista and Win7

    With only 2GB of RAM, I would not expect any different.
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    windows 7 home premium 64bit

    Unused ram does nothing for system performance. I have 8 gigs, and 4371mb used, 3711 standby, and 108 mb free. running just fine here....
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    USA, Idaho
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    Win 8, (VM win7, XP, Vista)

    Computer 101. A 32 bit system, or OS means you will only have 3.2 gigs of ram available for use. If you have a graphics card that also uses your ram then it is going to drop even more (example: 256 gig graphics card will then drop the ram usage that much). If you use the Task Manager in Win 8 you can go to the "Startup Tab" and turn off/disable some of the apps that are starting up when your system is turned on. . . Good Luck
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Windows is using 60%+ of ram on bootup
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