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macrium reflect 5.1 question

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    macrium reflect 5.1 question

    now that norton have scrapped releasing ghost 16 and only doing commercial backup software, i downloaded the free macrium reflect after reading various good posts all works ok, but the back up image took ages.

    now when i do my next backup image will it just overwrite the old one and update its changes or will it copy the whole lot again taking ages, any tips please on this point.

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    The free Macrium doesn't have the ability to do incremental or differential backups. So, you would have to run full backups each time.
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    You should keep two (full) backups. When I do a new backup, I keep the previous backup. If something should happen during the new backup and it would be bad enough that you would have to do a complete hard drive restore you still have the previous back up.

    If you deleted all backups and just started a backup and something would happen, you would not have a backup to use to restore.

    I used to use Acronis and recently moved to Macrium. I bought a 4 license version as I have multiple PC's. I guess I could have used the free version, but I feel better having the full paid version.

    I always do a full backup so that was not an issue for me. Where I worked, before retiring, I was a regional LAN/WAN Network Manager for a large portion of central US (basically everything west of the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains). When we started converting field offices from "dumb terminals" to LAN's we initially did server backups nightly with a full backup on Monday evening, incremental backups on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. We had all the data but with all the backup tapes (it was an SCSI tape system for backups) if a server required restoring, the tech had to make sure they did it in proper order. As it turned out it took longer to restore the server with this method. It was changed to a full backup every night and with only full backups, it avoided potential problems of restoring out of sequence, and with just one backup the server downtime was minimized.
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    I use C: drive (120GB SSD) strictly for Windows OS & installed applications and put data on another Drive so my backup only contains what's on C: Drive. For data, I keep a separate backup on external HD. With this arrangement, it only take ~ 7.5 minutes to do a complete backup of 50GB which compressed down to 27GB. If anything goes wrong with Windows, all it takes is another 7.5 minutes to restore without worrying about losing data.

    I also make 3 separate copies of backup.
    1. The first one is the Original Windows Activated (8GB) and it's on an external HD. In case I want to completely refresh Windows without going thru re-activation process
    2. The 2nd is Windows with all well known 3rd party software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe etc...
    3. The 3rd backup is what I am currently running and over write this when I install/remove/update/test 3rd party software or drivers.

    For Laptop, I would suggest to divide the HD into 2 partitions, 1 for OS and the 1 for Data.

    PS. it is important to run sfc/scannow before the backup and verify the image after the backup
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    thank you for th tips posted.
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    Macrium free

    Although incremental backups are not available, Macrium is faster and more reliable than the Acronis I used for years.
    I keep a old baseline backup and weekly new system backups deleting last weeks. Use File history with Macrium or use a couple of thumb drives occasionally for your data.
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macrium reflect 5.1 question
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