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Sfc shows unable to fix corrupt files

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    I am running Windows 8 (not Pro) on Acer V3-571 with i7 quad core with 6MB cache, 1TB disc space and 8GB RAM.


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    The product key should be affixed to the laptop via a label somewhere and it may be hidden in a compartment that requires taking out a few screws. So, let's start by trying to find that label and please give me the exact laptop model number so I can try and find it as well.
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    Hi norepli,

    I do have details on the label on the underside of my laptop including serial Number etc. I didn't think any of those numbers were the Windows 8 product key. The top line has codes regarding model number V3-571G etc. The second line is the serial number and the bottom is the SNID. Is it possible one of these is the Windows 8 product key? That would be great if it was!
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    According to this ACER thread, you don't need a specific product key because it is an OEM installation and the license is embedded in the BIOS: Windows 8 Product Key and Dual Boot - Acer Support Community

    ACER also has a Windows 8 installation flowchart that might help you to get going:
    Acer | Manually Upgrade
    Now, if you get stuck at the part where it may ask for a product key, I would contact ACER support to resolve that issue.

    And finally, here's a direct link to Microsoft to start an automated installation (if you would like to try it):
    Upgrade to Windows 8 with only a product key - Microsoft Windows
    I really hope they don't ask you for that key!
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    Oooh now that sounds like a possibility. I'll have a look at those links and get back to you (once I've finished my pizza and glass of wine.... well it is Friday night...)
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    You're making me hungry and thirsty too! However, I went back and read everything over and here is yet another possible cause and solution for you to try:

    When you first created you system image, your C drive was much larger because you had not yet split it to add the E drive; yes? If so, you could not "effectively" restore the original system image to the (now) much smaller C partition and that may be why you are getting those "out of bounds" errors. Typically, you can only restore a system image to the same size (or larger) partition.

    Now, if you are certain that you haven't destroyed any of those hidden partitions, the following might work:

    You could try deleting that E drive partition and expanding the C partition back to its maximum (and hopefully) original size. Now, if the C drive partition size "matches" the system image partition size, you should be able to do a graceful restore and if successful, it should cure your errors. Then, use Windows Disk Management to shrink your system partition and create the E drive partition again. Now, do a system image of the current (smaller) system partition.

    In summary, I feel there are many "potential" ways to attack and cure this issue and I feel confident that you have the technical ability to get through this... one way or another!
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    Hi norepli,

    one glass of wine and slice of pizza later (or truthfully multiples of both)... yes I did try deleting the E partition and resizing the C: drive back to its original size, but when I did that I suspect a couple of MB went astray and so the new C: drive did not exactly match and the Factory Restores were not happy.

    However, if as you say my Windows 8 product key is embedded in the BIOS then maybe I can do a system reset. I have to say though, the Acer help does not look to be great. I did email them for support but was told the email was only for hardware issues and that if I wanted any software support I would have ring an 09 number which costs 50p a minute and TBH I suspect that whoever I speak to will know less about computers than I do, but perhaps I am being unfair and they could at least help me with a Windows 8 License key.

    Thanks for your time and energy with this.
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    Look for a COA sticker in the battery compartment somewhere (or on the inside of the battery compartment lid). This may have the OEM product key listed as (example) TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF
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    Quote Originally Posted by norepli View Post

    And finally, here's a direct link to Microsoft to start an automated installation (if you would like to try it):
    Upgrade to Windows 8 with only a product key - Microsoft Windows
    I really hope they don't ask you for that key!
    thats for a windows upgrade and computer has to be working ,with a os to upgrade to win8, i use it to upgrade from win8 to win8 pro

    contact Acer to purchase recovery dvd's perhaps , you won't get much help from acer ,but buying recovery dvd,as you created the problem yourself ,not them .
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    Hi caperjack,

    It is working on Windows 8 and I thought that process might work on a reinstall without using a product key. Now, given that this is a complicated thread, with additional information being provided by the OP as we go, what do you suggest is the best course of corrective action at this time? Also, I think you have a very distinct advantage of being able to gather all of the pertinent particulars at one time so what is your recommendation for a final fix based on all that has transpired? I'm ready to "bow out" and let you take over... so just give me the word and I'm outta here!
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Sfc shows unable to fix corrupt files
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