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Anybody have luck imaging 8 with UEFI, GPT, Secure Boot?

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    Anybody have luck imaging 8 with UEFI, GPT, Secure Boot?

    I'm having nothing but epic failures when I try to image a Windows 8 box with Secure Boot enabled, that was installed using UEFI and has GPT partitions.

    I can install using standard MBR, and disable Secure Boot and UEFI in the BIOS and I can restore that no problem.

    However, I have been playing with Aomei, Macrium, EaseUs, etc to handle my image restores and not having any luck at all. Basically it's this thread that explains my issues almost perfectly.
    Home user: Need Win 8 Disk Imaging solution with UEFI-compatible Startup Disks

    I want to install Windows 8, using UEFI with Secure Boot, install patches, software, etc, then run sysprep, shut down, image and then deploy the image on the same make/model down the road.

    The only real success thus far has been to load Windows 8, and then run imagex to capture a new wim and then install using that WIM. But that's a whole install, I'd rather just lay an image back down.

    I've spent 4 full days working on this, and no luck

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    I assume you can now get the recovery media to boot - but the restored images don't boot ?

    I am pretty sure Paragon paid versions do that fine - I have no idea if the free version does.

    In any case, it is only free for personal use.
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    You have two choices...
    Either use Paragon on a 30 day free licence.
    Macrium reflect "clone" to a slave drive.
    Shrink with minitool if you need to shrink that is
    Then macrium reflect "Clone drive" back...
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    I was able to make a system image from within Windows 8 using it's native tool...and then I booted from a UEFI based Windows 8 key fob and then ran disk part and cleaned the disk, restored the image and it booted.

    I haven't had any luck with Aomei getting a restored image to boot. But then again, I don't have a solid UEFI based boot environment for Aomei. I just figured that I would be able to restore it using legacy BIOS mode, and then switch it over to UEFI and then reinstall the boot loader, but that did not work, at all. I've tried tons of bcdboot, and fixmbr, and bootrec commands...but none of them get my system to boot back up.

    I will look into the Paragon option.
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    As a previous owner of Acronis, I started investigating this option but found the following on their website;
    EFI Based Operating Systems Support in Acronis Products | Knowledge Base

    (!) Although it is possible to restore a GPT partition with Acronis if Windows is installed on it, the restored system will not be bootable.
    If Partition style is GPT, then this configuration is not supported.
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    I chatted with Acronis and they tell me that KB article is old and they do in fact support Windows 8 fully and can boot a recovered GPT partition,
    True Image 2013 by Acronis: GPT & UEFI Support | Knowledge Base

    But, I need TI2013 as well as the Plus back to get the Widows PE support.

    But they do offer a money back guarantee if the software does not work well enough for my liking.
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    You might like to try Paragon.

    I am using HDM 12 Pro - it is well worth a look.

    You don't need to buy a separate plus pack - you don't need a separate partitioning program. It is all included in the paid versions.

    It has a restore to different hardware feature - that can be pointed at any os/ or any restored image - not just the Paragon ones. They also have a great boot corrector module for uefi stuff.

    They have a trial version - it annoyingly keeps reminding it is a trial.
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    Can I make a recovery PE disk with the trial? I want to build a machine, sysprep it, shut it off, then image it, then restore it.

    I will pay for it, if it works. I'm not against spending money on software that meets a need.
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    I don't know if the trial comes with a pe building program.
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    I expect they will sort something out for you if you ask them.

    They look after me very well. I may be able to ask someone at Ca. office.

    Theog has had great success with it on his efi systems.
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Anybody have luck imaging 8 with UEFI, GPT, Secure Boot?
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