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CPU throttle on Wind8 during GPU intensive applications

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    Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

    CPU throttle on Wind8 during GPU intensive applications


    I have recently upgraded to Wind 8 from Wind7. I experience CPU throttling whenever I run GPU intensive activities. For instance when running Crysis 3, I have a constant fps of around 40 and then after a few minutes there is a barely noticeable black screen flash after which my fps drops to around 4fps. On MSI afterburner my GPU usage stays constant at 99%, but my core clock, shader clock and memory clock drops significantly:
    Click image for larger version

    This is not due to temp. It stays constant at around 70. I have also tried changing the power options for the processor (Min Processor states). No change. I have also used throttlestop to disable the BD PROCHOT, EIST, C1E. Still no change.

    Everything was fine on Wind 7. System specs:
    Click image for larger version

    P.s. I also have a Toshiba Dynadock usb 3.0 which underperforms w.r.t responsiveness. It uses Displaylink drivers. I have removed all the Dynadock's drivers and unplugged it. No change. I have also updated my Nvidia drivers. No change.


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    Crysis 3 has a "known bug" that causes a major FPS drop when "swinging ropes" are displayed. The actual Crysis 3 programmer demonstrated an immediate FPS drop from 60 to 33 that was coincident with the ropes actually swinging. Now, I can only assume that a fix will be forthcoming in the near future. Anyway, see this blog for more information:

    MaLDoHD for Crysis 2: Performance bug in Crysis 3 first level

    Good luck.
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    Good day norepli

    Thank you for the swift reply. I have tried to graft through the first level but there is no change in the second level. Also, the same happens when running farcry 3 or benchmarking with Furmark. I do not think it is an application problem. I do not know if it is a Windows 8 problem or a driver problem. Either way my CPU gets throttled immensely. Any other ideas?

    Thank you!
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CPU throttle on Wind8 during GPU intensive applications
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