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Windows 8 Memory Management/Leaks

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    Here we go... After 4 days...
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    ^ That screenshot is not helping. Unless you have a zillion 1MB apps running, I only see about 1GB or less of RAM being consumed there.
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    Get a RAMMap output, or we can't provide anything further than we already have. I'm sorry I'm being so curt, but that's really about all we can do right now. We're past the screenshot stage, we need actual data now .
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    Quote Originally Posted by cluberti View Post
    Get a RAMMap output, or we can't provide anything further than we already have. I'm sorry I'm being so curt, but that's really about all we can do right now. We're past the screenshot stage, we need actual data now .
    If you need anything else, let me know.

    Thanks for yout help
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    The problem is the Non-paged pool. In Task Manager it shows 16.8 GB, about 100 times what would be a reasonable value. Also shown in the original post.

    I suspect this is caused by a faulty device driver or malware. cluberti will know more.
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    Wow... 16.8 GB... Normal values for non-pagable memory are about 2-4% of the total memory.

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    How to check for driver issues...
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    So how did everything work out for you w0rtez, did you solve the issue or are you still having problems?

    I'm having the same problem and I've tried to disable a network-driver that I don't remember the name of atm.
    I've also tried updating softwares everytime, but since it can take from a couple of hours to several days til the issue turns up again it's hard to keep on why the issue appears.

    It occurs for me when I am multiplayer games, so that's why I thought It might be that bugged network-driver.
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    Now that you mention it, i have been leaving lately utorrent on always 24/7 and my computer becomes unusable when it hit like 3 straight day, so it might be my problem too, i dont know... Here's the screenshot that i didnt post yet of the drivers i was checking out but i dont know if it were the ones causing my problem...
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Windows 8 Memory Management/Leaks
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