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Windows 8 Pagefile Management

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    Windows 8 Pagefile Management

    I just noticed Windows 8 pagefile management is different from Windows 7's.

    From fresh install of Windows 8 after all updates and drivers installed with 8GB ram, Windows 8 recommends 4505mb for pagefile which is just over half the size of memory installed on the system. And from a fresh install of Windows 7 SP1 after all updates and drivers installed on the same system with 8GB ram, Windows 7 recommends 12085mb for the pagefile which is just over 1.5x the amount of memory installed.

    I've checked with Windows 8 Task Manager (Performance/Memory tab) and it shows Windows has 12GB of memory committed which is the amount of physical ram plus recommended pagefile size by Windows 8. Which lead me to believe this is how Windows 8 slightly uses less memory than Windows 7 since the total committed memory size (physical memory plus recommended pagefile) is less than that of Windows 7 with the same size ram installed.

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    I've tried increasing the static size of the pagefile in Windows 8 and Windows 8 still uses the same amount of memory despite the fact task manager shows more memory committed (physical memory size + new increased pagefile size).

    So in cocnlusion my speculation was incorrect and Windows 8 just has better memory management than previous versions of Windows and also requires a smaller pagefile to physical memory ratio than previous version of Windows at least in my case with 8Gb of physical ram installed.
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Windows 8 Pagefile Management
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