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SSD underperformance after clean copy from HDD

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    SSD underperformance after clean copy from HDD

    My Samsung laptop is slower than when I had a HDD drive installed.
    I copied my OS from the HDD to SSD last night.
    Benchmarks below.
    Click image for larger version

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    I just tried CDM and got much better numbers so yours is definitely underperforming.
    With mine it defaulted to 50Meg, and with yours I note that the SSD is pretty full. I wonder if it needs to be optimised first?

    Click image for larger version

    Mine is a Crucial M4, but in a SATA I machine so not as fast as it could be.
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    Hi Karma Mechanic. Mine is a Sata3 laptop so I'd expect at least 400mbs.
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    If it has just been copied over it might be a mess. Certainly might be worth going in to 'Administrative tools', 'Defragment and optimise your drives' and setting it up for weekly processing. And do a manual one now, won't do any harm.

    Also check the drivers. And try a CDM run set to 50 meg size.

    Crystal Disk Info might reveal something.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    was it a NEW drive -- SSD's do actually degrade over time depending on what it was being used for -- but it should beat any typical HDD especially if it's a SATA 3 drive.

    You should only store the OS (and applications) on the SSD -- don't share the drive with user data or Virtual Machines etc.

    You could try a re-format and then restore your OS image again.

    DO NOT DEFRAG AN SSD THOUGH -- That can certainly degrade it --SSD's don't work like HDD's so it doesn't matter where on the disk the data is stored --

    You only need to defrag an HDD mainly because the drive has to get bits of data from the drive at different physical addresses which means the disk has to rotate to that position, get the data and then rotate to the next address to pick up the next chunk of data. Sometimes you defrag a disk also to reclaim wasted space but on large TB disk drives this isn't really important any more -- but the data access times will DEGRADE the HDD if a lot of data is spread all over the disk rather than in contiguous chunks.

    Since there's no rotation in an SSD data access time is not a problem wherever the data is stored -- the access speed is so fast that it really doesn't matter too much even if files are spread all over the drive. The better SSD's also have now some "Pre-fetching" algorithm in them based on your data history usage. The data is already in the computer main memory before you actually need it -- data is read during CPU "Wait type" cycles -- however for a full discussion on Disk I/O , caching and "pre-fetching" I suggest you google further if you are interested in this stuff.

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    Just in case anyone was confused I should point out that I wasn't suggesting running defrag, I was suggesting using 'Optimise', which is different. If everything is working correctly then Windows 8 should have the right settings for an SSD, but always worth checking.

    Another thing that can make a difference is the firmware for the SSD. And it will need to be using a SATA mode of AHCI in the BIOS.
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    SSD was set with 0's and is optimised. I am having some serious problems with this installation. My CPU most of the time is at max. I'm not sure what to do next.
    One strange thing is that when the Laptop starts up it transmits lots of data out to the internet...
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    Is it possible to try the SSD in a USB or esata caddy, so that you can check it out independently of it running the system? I.e. attach it to a different system as a plain old drive, then try some measurements. CPU at max is certainly a puzzle. Can you swap the original HDD back in just to make sure that system image runs ok?

    Can you see what is accounting for the high CPU in Task Manager?
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    Click image for larger version
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Capture 1.PNG  
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    And the processes that make it 100%?
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SSD underperformance after clean copy from HDD
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