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    "Not responding"

    Temporary freezes and occasional "not responding" messages are not often seen in Windows 8, but occur much more frequently than they do in W7. Same hardware, same software. Only the drives and a few drivers differ.

    These hesitations arise in various programs or while manipulating UI options, and have since the earliest W8 betas, though they have become less frequent with each release. No forum messages that I have come across relate specifically to this random issue.

    Additionally, W8 is a multitasking slug as contrasted to W7 when, for example, a large file is downloading in the background. Open another program in W7 and it pops up almost immediately; open in W8 and it takes 15-30'. Priority has been assigned to both "programs" and "background services." Made no difference.

    2600 Intel CPU, ASUS P8P67le MB, NVidia 210 GPU, at least 28G free space on each drive.

    Noted the same behavior or have suggestions on how to overcome it?
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    I've noticed the "not responding" more often in Windows 8 as well. Everyone tells me it's supposed to be a way faster OS, but I disagree. I haven't seen anything operate faster, except boot-up, but that's because it cheats (quasi-hibernation shutdown). I'm comparing same hardware on the same laptop (only difference is the actual hard drive...same specs and speed, just a larger drive that's half-empty). The networking menus (Networking and Sharing Center) are more sluggish too--some networking windows won't even open for a minute if wifi is in the process of connecting or some other "not responding" networking thing.

    Office 2013 is twice as slow as well because of its animations, but that's for another forum...

    I'm on a clean install on a fresh hard drive...been running it since Windows 8 was released in October.
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    Thanks for sharing. For several years Windows 7 was on the drive that Win 8 now occupies. Same hardware but for a few drivers. My perception is that it ran more smoothly than does it successor, much as you describe. I-7 2600K CPU with 8G RAM. Hardly anemic. In fact, as I recollect, Win 7 was more responsive than 8 is now when it ran on five-year old hardware that predated the current box.
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    I'm seeing this as well, especially when using Windows Explorer. Much worse than it was with Windows 7.

    Also seeing it after I boot when I open on Network to look at something on one of my other computers running Windows 7. The first few times I get error messages saying the resource is not available and to check the spelling of the name. Then after a bit it will start working and continue to work until I reboot. This causes problems with a program I use called Mirror Folder which keeps data between my Desktop and Web Server in sync. It doesn't work until I manually open Network and connect to the Web Server, then it's okay until I reboot.

    Never had this problem with Windows 7. I use normal WORKGROUP sharing, not HOMEGROUP. I don't wnat to use HOMEGROUP because my Laptop is Vista Home Premium which does not support it.
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"Not responding"
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