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Confused about restore

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    Confused about restore

    I use Acronis True Image 2013 as my imaging software and have just imaged with the built in Windows image facility. I don't like having a reserved partition but the complications of incorporating it back into the C: partition are daunting, so I shall have to learn to live with it. My C: drive is an 250gb SSD and my D: drive is a Seagate Barracuda 2TB. I also image to an external USB 3.0 2TB drive.

    It's frustrating that all the drives get renamed during a restore. My question is: When I restore an image should I restore the reserved partition as well? My last restore with True Image I only restored the C: drive and it worked fine but I would really like someone with more knowledge than I (not difficult) to explain when/if to restore the reserved partition.

    It appears to me that restoring to a different drive/disk than the one the image was made from is fraught with problems, unless it is just my ignorance. If there was a complete HDD collapse and a new HDD installed surely the reserved partition would contain erroneous information, I suppose if the current HDD became corrupted but was physically OK then a restore of the reserved partition would be necessary. This is a very important question as data loss and two days of work are involved.

    Thank you


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    If I were you, before doing anything rash I would try to retrieve the data first, by either booting onto another HDD, if possible, and using the other drive as a slave, then find the data and copy to the other HDD.

    Do you have a boot CD with Acronis on it, if so, I think you can find your files with that and copy to a USB or similar.

    I've migrated Windows 8 to another SSD successfully with the recovery partition as well. I tried one without it and it didn't work for some reason.

    But I would do everything possible to get your data before anything else, things have a habit of going wrong at the worst possible time.
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    What I do, and in fact I'm doing it right now, is create a complete disk image on an external HDD, so that if anything happens to the OS, I can simply swap drives and re-image the one that went awry (as long as the hard drive is physically OK). I usually do a complete image after every major update, or software install, so that I have the latest complete image available. I keep a copy of all data files on a second HDD as well, including PST files etc, so that I have a fairly good level of redundancy. This is much easier than any other form of recovery.
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    Thank you

    Thank you both for your input. I do keep a copy of all my data files on D:, I haven't lost a file for years. My question remains, whether to restore the reserved partition or not. It appears to me that if I restore an image after booting from the Acronis rescue disc I am not offered the choice of restoring the reserved partition which makes me think that it is included in the image, if I examine Recovery with Acronis within Windows the reserved partition is offered as an option, I cannot understand this.


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Confused about restore
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