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Cleaning up.

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    Cleaning up.

    Can anyone help me with this problem?A couple of times,I've got the message "Cleaning up,do not turn off your computer".The first time it happened,I had closed the lid on my laptop which put it to sleep,and on opening the lid,I got the message.I left it for half an hour and then decided to force shutdown.The second time,I had just installed a Windows Update and on restarting,I got the message.My laptop is a Samsung NP550P5C-A08UK running Windows 8.

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    My disk cleanup manager would go what seemed like forever and ever. I learned quickly not to cancel it. Cancelled it the first time thinking it was hung.. ended up with some errors that took too much time to straighten out.

    Did you ever run the system clean up ?? I think once I did that disk clean up became much more tolerable time-wise. But still slow compared to win7.
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    Thanks for your reply.I use ccleaner every day but I'll try your suggestion and see if I ever get the "cleaning up "again.
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    Mikiep,I,ve ran disk clean up and it shows 155MB Windows Update clean up.It,s been running for half an hour and still going.Your'e right in saying it seems to be stuck but I'll keep it going.
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    It's part of that automated task scheduler service, which I disabled.
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    Thanks very much for that information.I'm learning every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassfisher6522 View Post
    It's part of that automated task scheduler service, which I disabled.
    What is it listed under? I've found the Task Scheduler but can't find any reference to any disk clean.
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Cleaning up.
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