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extreeeeme slow down

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    extreeeeme slow down

    something has shifted where windows is running extremely slowly. it takes a few seconds to allow the cursor to even click on new thread just now.

    takes ages for a folder to load what is in it, the images don't preview often.

    green bar goes across for ages when opening folders.

    takes ages to open files or programs. takes many seconds to open firefox and opening a few tabes from clicking on several links in an email will take 30 seconds or more to load the windows.

    every aspect of windows has massive massive slow down. task manager, which also takes ages to open, shows nothing with a large percentage of cpu or anything.

    this is a very minimialist install. nothing is running in the system tray. msconfig shows nothing is running except logitech software. i have windows firewall and defender running (because comodo crashed my system on several installs). come from an it background and nothing is installed that shouldnt be. can screen grab anything.

    overall, this windows 8 install is my 5th one and it is totally unusable for god knows what reason. i have no idea but just everything is just ridiculously slow. i feel forced to go back to windows 7 which i dont want to do. and if i do format install i know im going to try and install windows 8 again !!!! its not my pc , it has 4gb ram duel core 3ghz good graphics card etc.

    its really out of control. cant even use firefox effectively. windows explorer windows takes ages to open, a folder can take upwards of minutes to actually display whats in there. often doesnt display the image previews and just shows a white icon for video and pics. what the heck is going on !!!!!!!???? can i even do anything.. . aghhhhh

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    Did you do any tweaks, disable any services?

    try doing a reset and erase everything? (Go to PC Settings / General / Remove everything and reinstall windows)

    Either you have a hardware issue, OS corruption, or something you installed is causing the problem.

    In these types of incidents, I would tell you to do the reinstall and start over.
    After each install, try to see if/when the issue starts.

    If it starts as soon as you install Win8, I would suggest running some diags. Starting with HDD and then Memory Diags.
    Look in the tutorials for the diags if needed, Keep in mind that you need to let memory diags run for a long time (overnight is ideal) to determine if there is a real problem with RAM, 1 to 3 passes won't cut it unless it comes back with an error right away.

    For anyone that disagrees, sorry, but I will tell you that not all of the ram gets tested fully in 1 or 3 passes. It really doesn't.

    I also recommend running 2 different Mem Tests... Windows Mem Test and Memtest86
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    Windows 8 x64

    no tweaks didnt disable anything. it is some kind of OS corruption , 5th install of windows 8 every single time there has been some kind of problem or another. i like the OS though and don't want to go back to win7. its not going to start as soon as i install win8 as ive done that 5 times already so i have no idea what the problem is but it isnt hardware considering this. everytime there has been a seperate problem. so its not the ram.

    ill format and install cleanly one more time otherwise windows 7, ffs
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    Win 8.1 Pro

    Yeah, that is weird. I have it installed on my laptop and desktop, without issues. Laptop is Inspiron 1764 and works perfectly out of the box.
    See specs of desktop.

    Ok, I re-read your posts again.
    What are the full specs of the system?
    Something hardware or software is not compatible.
    What software are you installing and when does the issue start approx. and what have been the other issues?
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    Windows 8 x64

    k , refreshed settings and installed everything and everything is working perfectly. sweet. !
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extreeeeme slow down
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