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Everything's not working

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    Windows 8

    Everything's not working

    so I bought a new computer with an i7 3770 and an amd7470 and 8gb ram and 1tb memory
    I bout it mainly for gaming and graphic design
    and I have a fast wired connection
    its an acer aspire m3985
    since yesterday nothing has be working properly, chrome is not loading pages at all
    In firefox the flash keeps crashing so I cant go on youtube at all or any other flash site id imagine
    Internet explorer gives me the, "internet explorer has stopped working whenever I try youtube
    Skype doesn't launch when I have my blue snowball mike plugged in
    Guild wars 2 has stopped working (game)
    Only TERA online (game) and Planetside 2 (game) work
    And photoshop keeps malfunctioning with a weird background malfunction behind the canvas
    Im probably downgrading to windows 7 as Windows 8 was the worst decicion ive ever made
    does any know how or why this is happening
    and I di a full scan of my pc with McAphee and I have no bugs
    anyone know how or why this is all happening and a solution, and will downgrading to windows 7 work???

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    Windows 8 Pro w/Media Center, Windows RT

    Have you rebooted the system to see if a clean start clears it?

    Did you install anything just before the problem started? Knowing may help someone resolve the issue for you.
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    Windows 8

    I haven't rebooted the system, because that will clear everything and I have about 266gb, and I did not download anything prior to the event
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    win 8

    'reboot' just means to turn it off and back on - not to refresh or restore it...

    could you clarify whether you bought a new machine with win 8 pre-installed, or upgraded from win 7? It makes a difference in whether you can roll back to Win 7...
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    Windows 8

    yes i turned it off and back on and nothing changed, it came with windows 8 pre installed,no more apps havebegun to stop working
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    win 8

    it sounds like a computer problem, as opposed to a Win 8 problem. If it were me, i would be taking advantage of my warranty. But i'm not a techie, so maybe someone else here has a different take. Meanwhile, a call to wherever you purchased it (if within 30 days, or store-warranty period) or the computer manufacturer wouldn't hurt anything.

    but since Win8 is pre-loaded, it is doubtful you can even roll back to Win 7. The computer itself likely can't support it for lots of reasons you can google but i can't explain ;-)

    good luck!
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Everything's not working
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