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Very high RAM use at a brand new laptop?

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    This memory leak problem has already occurred with Windows 8 in the past according to TechNet.

    Apparently the problem was a program called Intellimem. Or most likely from some preinstalled bloatware.

    Thank you very much Andre, I am happy to report this issue is resolved. The poolmon cached the process which took all the memory. From there I was able to trace that a program called Intellimem (intelligent memory, is it?) was the root cause. It's been running for some time and rebooted several times and the memory kept about 13% steadily. It's a great machine now.

    Source TechNet.

    Windows 8 booted up high memory used

    Looks like Poolmon installs with the new driver kit for Windows 8.

    Windows Driver Kit (WDK)

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    Quote Originally Posted by flashist View Post
    I simply deleted it, now my RAM is running at 16%. I would however like if someone could tell me what it was, considering I have now removed it. If that may bite me in the ass later on. This was installed with the laptop, and I could find it on samsungs SW update tool, however no updates available which made me delete it instead.
    I also sent a mail in to samsung to ask about it, just in case they were unaware of it and more have similar problem, which to me didn't sound too unlikely considering I had it on a new laptop right out of the box.

    Anyway, thanks for the help
    Since you haven't installed anything on your new laptop, this must be from Samsung bloatware.
    From searching, it's from a company called Condusiv and is a caching function.
    Does your laptop have a mSATA SSD?
    It may affect the caching SSD performance.
    Have seen other sites recommending to remove it, so unless you notice any issues, it should be ok to remove it.
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    HI All,
    I don't have intellimem running, but I think windows 8 has issues with RAM cache. The cache is not getting freed. I restarted the machine and as soon as I log back in I can see 12 GIG or cached, and I don't have any program run by me yet. Normally caching is good, but, I do see some prgrams complaining about low memory when I have 16 Gig installed in my machine and I see only some accounted in the Task Manager -> Process -> Memory tab.
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    I have trouble with Samsung Series 7 laptop ever since I had purchased it.
    8Gb Ram, 16Gb Cundusiv SSD ExpressCache, Windows 8.
    When I load the system, it's ~4Gb used RAM and commit charge is 4Gb.
    The top use processes are svchost with mostly netword related processes at 4.5Gb Virtual memory.
    Besides, there's 1Gb used by suspended process of LifeComm.exe..

    With time, after couple of day of intensive use, the commit charge is up to 30Gb and even after I exit all the programs, it sways that way.

    I tried to switch off Expresscache - does the same thing.

    I'm fed up rebooting every couple of days just to get rid of this performance bugger.
    Intellimem was there at the beginning, i believe, but uninstalling it did not help any either.

    Any ideas how I would try to track this down?
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Very high RAM use at a brand new laptop?
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