My la[top is a Samsung NT550P5C-A08UK,about 6 weeks old.After a lot of bother with it at first which a factory restore seems to have sorted it,I have a couple of questions I would like to ask.I have been doing a sytem health check daily for the past couple of weeks and almost every day,I get the message that either Intelli memory service or SW update have stopped working.They are easy enough to start up again by me going into Task Manager,but I was wondering if there was anything I could do to keep them working all the time,and is it anything to be concerned about?
Another question I have got is regarding the Windows Experience Index.When I first got the laptop,Graphics gave me 5.7 and Primary hard disk gave me 6.4.When I done it today,Graphics has fallen to 5.4 and primary hard disk has fallen to 5.9.I did the tests under the same settings.Graphics is integrated Intel4000.Can anyone tell me the reason for these figures falling?
Thank you in advance for any help and advice!