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New to SSDs: best practices for Win8 optimization?

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    Thanks for the replies, folks--reps to all. Sorry I posted and disappeared, real life happened and I've been offline all week, save for email on my phone.

    Just to follow up, I did a fresh install of Win8 on all three machines in question--I didn't want to gum things up by migrating, and I tend to prefer clean installs over upgrades. Some of you suggested leaving the User folders on the SSD, but with the small capacity, I will run out of room. I'll look into Ruwanwij's Xcopy suggestion, but to avoid unnecessarily complicating things, for now I'm moving the Pics/Vids/Downloads/etc folders over to the spinner.

    Also taking the suggestion most of you have made to disable hibernate altogether. From what I gather, both the SSD drives and Windows have evolved rapidly over the past few years, to where many of the "issues" one reads about online have been addressed and don't require any extensive tweaking that I was wary of.

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    On my Windows 7 desktop, I followed the adage of 1.5x the amount of RAM. So, since I have 8GB of RAM, that was 12GB of pagefile, which I didn't want on my SSD taking up space. On my work computers, which have 4GB of RAM and a single HDD, I set the pagefile to 2GB and leave it on the SSD.
    Heh, same here. I always followed the suggested 1.5x RAM too. On these setups though, I've also set a smaller pagefile. I'm at 1GB right now on each machine (on the SSD) and haven't noticed any problems so far. If I notice problems, I'll increase the size, but so far so good!
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New to SSDs: best practices for Win8 optimization?
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