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My PC is really messing up:

I would like to find out whats running on PC and then send that into you guys to see if I really need all that on a Brand new Laptop.
This may be why I am having all these problems.

  • Java not working right especially with pogo games
  • Can not delete slim cleaner
  • Applications get stuck when opened and will not close
  • I have the browsers Mozilla and Google and Google chrome running because i can not get 1 to run correctly.
  • I had 2 java's I deleted 1 and now I can not delete an Java update
  • I have something that says Start free games next to my home icon (top Right) when i open up my Google page to search... When I click on it It will not give me the opportunity to delete.

I read somewhere that Java does not work properly with the Mozilla 18 download and when I use chrome and Google I end up with my opening windows coming up in Incognito and don't know why.

Please help if you will.

Anything or anywhere you want me to start I will. I just my Brand New Windows 8 Laptop to be back to where it was when I brought it.

Thank you SO Very Much

Lady 8
Do you have the instructions for returning your computer to factory fresh (if any)? I would try to do so after carefully backing up your files. Call your OEM if you can't figure out how to return to factory fresh. If within return period, you could return your computer and get another even of the same model--if you want.