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Looking For File and Folder Backup

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    Looking For File and Folder Backup

    I've been looking for backup software but I haven't had any luck.
    I backup by Documents 2 times a week to an external HDD and a memory stick.
    I want to find something that can automate this and I don't want compression.
    Normally I have 3 backups on my external and 2 on the stick. The folders are named manually by me with the current date. So, when I back up I rename the folder, delete the backup within the folder and the drag and drop my Documents to the folder.
    Is there any software that can automate this for me?? No compression.


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    Take a look at Backup software comparison - SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE and SyncBack freeware

    at Syncback.... I use it at home for Windows 7 to my external USB.... works great and maybe what you need !
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    My vote goes to CrashPlan. I pay $5 a month to back up my files to the cloud and to an external hard drive at the same time. I'm big on redundancy.
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    Windows comes with its own backup software. On Win 8 look for File Recovery under the Control Panel.

    Backup Files in Windows 8
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    EaseUs ToDo Backup runs nicely on Windows 8. A free edition is available.
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    Agree with FloridaMatt; it's very good Easeus. Make sure you install a version later than 5.0 though or you will have issues with safe mode.

    Allway sync is very good too, it's free for minimal use, if you process thousands of files it asks for money.

    I also use windows backup.

    All 3 programs are good. Allway is my fave though because it's super flexible and strait forward.
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    Might want to look at dropbox.
    Think its 2gb free space, plus another half gb if you sign up with my referral link

    Sync 'folders' that you want to your online dropbox account. Works pretty much like up to the minute backup. Saved my tail more than a few times.. its like magic the way it restores your files when you re-install windows or do something stupid. Plus they're available to you while at mom's house or any other computer through the web interface.
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    Online backup solutions are not my cup of tea, for multiple reasons (mainly upload speed and security concerns -- if it's in "the cloud" I don't care how secure someone says it is, it's still potentially hackable).

    Anyway, I use a second drive in my main system and my wife's. Allway Sync (yes, an excellent product) to keep ongoing copies of my Users environment, EaseUS Todo Backup of the primary disk nightly (full on sunday, incremental otherwise), and Allway Sync to sync the entire backup drive to shares on two different NAS boxes.
    My laptops (main and backup) use EaseUS to backup to the NAS boxes, alternating each week.

    After decades in just about everything in the the data processing field except sales, I have a simple philosophy about backups: If you don't occasionally wonder if you have too many backups, you don't have enough.

    By the way, I used to run Acronis, until they wanted a lot of money to upgrade 4 copies from 2012 to 2013 (since 2012 isn't supported on win8). Their customer support was totally unresponsive to multiple requests. When I encountered a minor wrinkle using Easeus to a backup a win8 laptop to a NAS, EaseUS customer support was excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaMatt View Post
    Online backup solutions are not my cup of tea, for multiple reasons (mainly upload speed and security concerns -- if it's in "the cloud" I don't care how secure someone says it is, it's still potentially hackable).
    To an extent, yes. If your data is being encrypted before being uploaded, then there's yet another hurdle someone would have to work through. In my case, my data is encrypted with 448-bit blowfish encryption before being uploaded. If I forget the passkey (which generates the encryption/decryption keys) then the data is lost, because the company has no idea with it is. Of course that encyption can possibly be hacked but would take a significant amount of time and there's no telling what's inside until it's opened up... a lot of potentially wasted time.
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    I mail the encryption key to myself, so when the hard drive crashes...
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Looking For File and Folder Backup
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