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Just What Does "Automatic Repair" Do?

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    Just What Does "Automatic Repair" Do?

    I hope my computer never falls into serious trouble. But if I should find myself in that position, one of the tools available to me is Windows 8's "Automatic Repair".

    I've read plenty about how to start an Automatic Repair (and what to do if it gets stuck in a loop)...but I have yet to find a thorough explanation of what it does. I'm quite reluctant to hand my computer over to a process that aims to repair my computer when I don't have a good idea (or any idea) of what it's going to do to my computer.

    Can someone explain or, even better, point me to where I can find out?

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    Hello Daddyman,

    "Automatic Repair" in Windows 8 is just a renamed "Startup Repair" from previous Windows, and does the same thing. It's basically used to try and repair any Windows startup issues. For example, issues with your MBR (Master Boot Record).

    Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8

    Hope this helps some,
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    As always, I thank you for your help.

    The link you provided reads:

    "Startup Repair will now scan your computer to attempt to find and fix any startup problems." I'm no better off than before.
    In addition, my Windows 8 computer was installed with EFI on a GPT hard drive, so there is no MBR.

    Maybe I'll try TechNet, but that's got so much Microsoft-ese that no one outside Microsoft Way knows what it means.


    Okay, TechNet did the trick. And this time I actually understand what they're saying. I think.

    Windows Recovery Environment

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    I just ran the win8 startup repair.
    The FileHistory showed unrecognized D drive, where I had file history.
    I'm lazy so I ran minitools partition manager, rebuild mbr, chkdsk, align partitions.
    Still the I dropped to whatever its called now 'startup repair' passed up the option to restore point and let it run its thirty minutes of checking.. then ran it twice more which is like instantly done.
    Sure enough that fixed the FileHistory. Logs don't show it repaired anything but I'm sure it did something.
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Just What Does "Automatic Repair" Do?
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