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got message 'file is open in another program'

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    Crap, it's back. Classic Shell didn't help.

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    You know, unless I missed it, 3 pages of this, and you never mentioned what the folder is your trying to delete!?

    so how would anyone even begin to tell you what service to start looking for? .. and we would need to know what the files are in the folder as we don't know what program could be using any of the files!

    soooo, if you are still having a problem, what files are in the folder that could be in "use" ...
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    I see this thread is starting to grow a beard! One week and NO responses.

    As a working TECH, I have to remove programs all the time, that don't want to be removed.

    First, I go into the folder where the offending program resides and then I Take Ownership of all the files in that folder.
    (That's critical, because you can't delete what you don't own)
    I use "Grant Admin Full Control" which I call, 'Take Ownership' on steroids.

    Then I change the name of all the .dll files to something else, like .xxx or .ddd or something NOT a legitimate Windows file.
    After the name change, the file can no longer run, or load into ram on startup. It's effectively DEAD.

    Then I reboot the PC, and go back into the same folder and mass Delete all the old .dll files, which I've previously renamed.
    It's just a tiny bit time consuming, but it works every time.

    Cheers mates!
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got message 'file is open in another program'
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