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AMD Phenom QUAD proccesor WORSE than I3 on my Laptop

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    AMD Phenom QUAD proccesor WORSE than I3 on my Laptop

    Hi there
    Got a older desktop with AMD QUAD Phenom 3.2 GHZ processor -- and the whole computer seems more sluggish than my small ACER 11.6 inch V151 laptop which only has an Intel I3 Dual core processor in it.

    Can't really explain this -- the only thing now that the desktop gives me advantage is that it's got 16 GB RAM instead of my laptops 8GB RAM.

    I've now virtually stopped using the desktop at all -- laptop with HDMI to nice monitor is absolutely fine -- I'm going to just use the desktop as a Server and multi-media server as it's got 6 Disk drives on it and two printers -- for this I'm going to install Linux SUSE on it for running as a server.

    I'm actually amazed by this --shows the power of modern laptops even with an I3 processor.

    (I've fitted an SSD to the laptop - but the desktop had one too. Mobo wasn't bad either so there must be something in the AMD chipset design or whatever).

    My experience with this is AVOID AMD like the plague if you want top notch performance -- Round 1 to Intel.

    Is my experience similar to others -- all I know I've had three decent laptops recently and their performance has been nothing short of amazing compared to this desktop.

    (My 17 inch with the i7 processor doesn't actually seem any better than the smaller acer with the i3 which is a lot more portable -- and has a USB3 slot).

    Anyway as I'm not a gamer - I don't think I'll ever buy or use a desktop computer again -- seems no need anymore -- especially laptops can have decent amounts of RAM in it. reasonably good built in video -- especially when output to a decent external monitor and fast external Disk drives make lack of disk storage not a problem any more.

    Even running VM's is fine too.

    I'm not a tablet guy as I find a nice small reasonably powerful thin light laptop suits me fine -- but as tablets get more powerful I can see some people using these also instead of "Traditional computers".


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    Most i3 processors, even the 530 for instance, will be likely to perform better in everyday tasks than even the 555 and 560 Phenom IIs performance-wise and in TDP. It's not surprising your laptop is faster than your desktop with an i3, especially if it's from the last year or so.

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    I have always preferred Intel CPU's to AMD's for performance and reliability reasons. You can use the PC as a server with Windows Home Server, if you want. That's $40 and interfaces really well with Windows clients.
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    How old is the Phenom to the i3?

    What if the tablet had a 15 inch screen and like the Surface and had an i7 with a 256 gig SSD?
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    Well, AMD might lose on performance, but 1 thing AMD wins from Intel: PRICE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrShowdown View Post
    Well, AMD might lose on performance, but 1 thing AMD wins from Intel: PRICE.
    If you are willing to accept lower performance. For equivalent performance, there is not a ton of difference. And I don't need to hear that you can get 6 cores of one and only 4 cores of the other for a certain price..what is the actual performance of them?
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    Indeed - AMD has always marketed itself as equivalent performance for lesser price, but that is usually only in very specific scenarios. You generally end up paying a price quite similar to an Intel-based system if you want something equivalent across the board in an AMD-based system. Back during the P4 days when AMD had the Athlon, this marketing may have been much more accurate, but in today's world it just isn't. I'm not saying an AMD processor - in a specific situation where it may perform better - isn't a good choice, but performance across the board just isn't their strong suit anymore.

    I personally own an AMD-based system for my HTPC setup, and that was because in that specific scenario (very low power, low heat, low noise, small footprint, but good multimedia decoding and playback) the cost was a factor compared to performance as the difference between the i3 system and an AMD trinity-based APU was negligible. I wouldn't expect those differences to compare across the board (they don't), but the machine does this one very specific workload, and in performance the AMD and Intel systems available were fairly equal (and the price points were not).
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    OK. So I have a desktop with an AMD Athlon X2 6000+ (giving it away because I just built an HTPC and don't game anymore).

    It runs everything smoothly, and you can't tell the difference between it and my i3 3225 for general windows use.

    You just need to set up your computer properly and maintain it without installing a lot of junk. I bet your hard drive is full of junk, and that's what is slowing you down.

    There's really no difference between Intel and AMD for normal use, unless you are doing specific tasks all day, such as video editing, or have an amazingly expensive video card for gaming.

    I personally chose my i3-3225 because I need better single threaded performance for the DJ software I use, Traktor. Otherwise I would have bought an AMD A10-5800K.
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    if it's the first-gen Phenom, that's possible. it had that performance-crippling bug. but later generations should be able to outwork an i3. if memory serves me correctly, it had a bug that had a very minor chance of crashing under certain conditions. so they released a patch which solved the problem but crippled the performance.
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AMD Phenom QUAD proccesor WORSE than I3 on my Laptop
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