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Windows 8 performance randomly drops drastically

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    Windows 8 performance randomly drops drastically

    Hey guys!

    For a while now, my computers performance randomly drops down a lot. Mostly it is just the multimedia performance, as far as I can tell it, since the rest seems to work fine. It happens like weekly, and here is what I can notice:
    - I can play one match of League of Legends without any lag, on stable 60 fps without a problem, but in the next match, it drops down to 30 fps at most, but typically it is between 10 and 20..
    - for testing, I tried another game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, same performance drop...
    - I can still watch any 1080p HD film without a problem
    - closing every running app won't help
    - the problem won't go away if I logout - login, so it should not be a user-related app running
    - a reboot of the PC solves the problem, until it happens again
    - ONLY a reboot seems to help
    - in task manager, everything seems fine, CPU is on 20% at most(with loads of Chrome tabs opened)

    I have no idea where to start looking, and what could cause it. Here are the specs of my system:

    - Windows 8 Professional x32, MSDNAA license with the latest updates installed
    - Core2Duo E6750
    - 4 GB Ram
    - Geforce GTS 450 1 GB

    Any idea is appreciated, thanks in advance! cheers

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    Out of curiosity, what are your GPU temperatures at when you notice the slowdown?

    You can use this utility: SpeedFan - CNET

    Make sure to check temps while your game is running at its slow pace. If it's anywhere in the mid-to-high 90s celsius, most cards will have a huge performance drop.
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    I will definitely check it, when I'll get home, but I doubt it is the GPU temperature. After my old video card died, I bought this GTS450, which had damn loud fans, so I decided to buy a decent cooling system, which is silent, and works good. After that, I did loads of stress test, to see if I applied them correctly, and the results were all good. But once again, I will check it, worth a shot!
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    You might also want to check the disk I/O performance in Task Manager. Sometimes you'll see the hard drive is being hammered even though the CPU usage isn't that high. I think that might simply be Windows Defender doing a scan in the background. Normally once you start typing or something that ought to back off but it's still something to check.

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    Yeah, next time lags will start, just open task manager and look, which processes are using most of your cpu/ram/hdd. And if it only affects gaming performance, something could be wrong with video card or graphic drivers. I had strange lags in game once too - turned out, it was automatically started windows experience index test, because i didnt run it myself, so windows decided to run it for me, when i was playing LoL ...
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Windows 8 performance randomly drops drastically
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