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My windows 8 usage has used much more than normal

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    Check you resource monitor under disk monitor and see what is using all the megabits or even in the task manager would tell you what is using up all your disk, plus if something is using all the mb you think your monitor would also show high cpu usage.
    You might want to try Network Information to see what is running on your network and the TCP/IP Netstat command they are Windows Tools do a Google search for them, will tell you you Internet activity.
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    Alright, i'll scan it and try that later and i'll let you know what happens.
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    Apologies that I'm not an expert so this may not work... but what happens if you:
    * Go to Task Manager (eg. from a Ctrl-Alt-Del)
    * Click on the App History tab (you may need to click on More Details to make this appear)
    * Select Options and make sure it says Show History for All Processes?

    It's not clear if you're already using this or not?

    But to me as a non-expert, this seems to show cumulative network usage by different processes, which looks handy as hopefully it will log all of it, not just at the moment when you look. So if you look again in a day or two, and sort by the Network Usage column, it might show you which bit of software is using your network the most. I don't know if you need to start Task Manager every time you switch on or if it keeps track automatically; you may need to restart it.

    Happy to be corrected by the folks that know what they're talking about.
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My windows 8 usage has used much more than normal
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