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My windows 8 usage has used much more than normal

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    How long ago did you install Windows, it might be your computer is updating

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    It's a new computer with windows 8 already on it, and it says its up to date and there's no updates to install
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    you said you used 250meg thats a pretty big file usage your not running a torrent program are you, I just checked my last updates and I had 3 today and 1 yesterday but they were nowhere near 250meg
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    no i don't, my new windows 8 computer used 250 in the time my others used like 10 or something. The windows 8 is a computer i got for Christmas and the other is windows 7 so i have no idea what to do or how to fix it
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    Are you streaming any videos or music, silly question I know, but something is running, using your internet service.
    May I ask how are you monitoring this usage?

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    I have two ways one using the actual windows 8 monitor, and a program called "Down2Home" but no im not running anything.
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    To be sure,justin, look at your processes and see if anything running is using internet.
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    Alright, well theres 26 processes that i have no idea what they are;
    atheros coex service app
    com surrogatex2
    communication service
    communication service
    device association framework
    dritek WMI service
    elan serviec
    etd control center/helper
    hkcmd module
    host process for windows task
    igfxext module
    igfxsrvc module
    intel (r) capability liscensing
    intel (r) dynamic app
    launch manager 32 bit
    launch manager utility process
    local manageability service
    mediaespresso device detector
    microsoft windows search index
    microsoft WWA host and (32bit)
    mmdx64fx app
    nero update 32bit
    norton online backup service
    pando media booster
    persistense module
    realtek audio manager
    rftbtnsvc app
    runtime broker
    sink to receive asynchronousx2
    spooler sub system app
    symantec service framework
    user notification service (32bit)
    windows media player network
    windows wireless LAN
    windows installer
    WMI provider host
    and then 25 more windows processes
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    But could it just simply be a problem with windows 8 i can solve by "downgrading" to windows 7?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    But could it just simply be a problem with windows 8 i can solve by "downgrading" to windows 7?

    I have Windows 8 Pro with Media Center & a TON of installed programs.

    Here are 2 Task Manager images of my usage--

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Besides, I set aside 6.666 GBs for page file.

    Have you done a full virus scan lately ?

    If something is using your internet connection it could be a virus.
    Just a thought.
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My windows 8 usage has used much more than normal
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