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Mouse pointer accuracy has left the building!

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    Hello again,
    Well, after finding where the 'base-reference-point' (where the 'X' marks the spot) is, I successfully made my arrow and later on, made a little bar icon to use whilst typing, which is only 12 pixels high (should be 13, but old-wives tales etc...) and I have found this to be 'spot'-on! Now this only draws one to the conclusion that the '8' system icons were designed by a spoon! (Especially if a person of my non-computer-geekness can make one that IS accurate.)
    I'd like to do the overlays and stuff to make the icon flash, a bit like a barber's sign, but I haven't got that far yet, or read the instructions...
    I don't see why MS can't actually make a simple program to work simply perfectly and have a decent repair program to run alongside update... and also listen to and read forums (forae?) like this. Sounds a bit like Linux...ho ho.

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    After some time playing with this, my only caveat now is that the newly made 'default' scheme is never there when I start up again. I have to go back to the 'personalise' - 'change mouse-pointers' to click on the saved scheme and have it be the default again, but it is never there after another startup. Any ideas as to how 'default' can indeed be there every time?
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Mouse pointer accuracy has left the building!
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