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    back up

    hi guys
    first i have a question
    i have windows 8.if after installing win 8 , i create a backup from system and saves it in my hard.then when i restore the backup which one of the choices below is correct?
    1-my system affected by virus and when restore back up it cleans
    2-my system registry does not work good or my hard has bad sector and by restoring the back up all of them will fix
    now my main question:
    my friends told me that acronis or norton ghost are the best software for backup , but i do not want to install any software on my PC , i think is there any software in hiren's boot cd to do this backup in boot after install win8 and then save the backup in my hard drive and then restore backup again from boot?

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    Why not just use the control panels win7backup... to make an image?
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    First of all, having a single hard drive and saving your backup on this same hard drive is a really bad backup system. Are you trying to have a backup for files and documents ? Do you want a document and files history backup? Or do you want a system image backup?
    System Image = A complete copy of all your files, registry entries, software. When executed you basically have a exact clone of before.
    File History = Self explanatory, uses extra storage it's designed more for accidental deletion or revert changes after having saved changes to any documents. Offers no protection it's meant more of a convinience of multiple save of your files and documents.
    Regular Backup = Last time i used it all it did was basically allowed me to save important documents, music, and pictures. You would save this in a different HDD or location. Basically if your computer gets formatted you still have those files somewhere else.

    I use a System Image and File History that's only because I have 3HDD
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    thank you my friends.
    but what is the answer of my 2 questions?
    and if i create backup with control panel , does it work good?what is difference between taht and the programs of backup like acronis
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    Windows 8 has multiple save options I named them. Can you take a screenshot of the menu. The backup menu. I feel that your talking about option 3 from my list of backup types offered in windows 8. The answer is no two both. Windows backup is restored on another pc thats working or on that same pc after its been repair(usually clean installation ofbwindows). Windows system image is basically what norton, acronis home image, and many other 3rd party programs do. If you use a system image you can recover your os, your programs, and everything else. System images are known to fail for users. Most people don't care about programs or software so they could care less about system images.
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    I have used windows system images .. never had a failure. Save a special one to always go back to day one.

    I often use the control panel win7 thing rather than system restore, ten or fifteen minutes to reimage the boot drive and c. Runs from the start up menu or a repair disk. That and Dropbox have saved me worries many time.

    Win8's RecImg or slimwares gui for it, the slimImage program at, apparently does the custom system snapshot/images for the refresh, so you keep your program installs!!.
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    back up

    I am sorry to sound rude but I think your 2 questions are not clear.
    If I may, please buy an external hard drive to backup to.
    You can use a Western Digital free program if the drive is the same name but any one will do as long as it is larger than your system drive.
    However, to keep it simple, after you buy the usb(external drive) go to the control panel and create a backup to that usb drive. Once the backup is created, make a rescue or repair disc - all in the same program.
    When you have a problem, you then can insert the disc and recover your entire system.
    Please read this over and write back with specific details if you wish to have help.
    Don't forget to use search when you have a question besides the forums. Give it a try and you will be safer if you have a problem.
    May I add that Acronis requires that you purchase a 2013 license as 2012 or prior won't do. You can see your backup but it will not recover.
    Macrium has a free program. I use both Macrium and the Windows native backup program. Don't mix up these two terms; system restore returns your pc to a certain date whereas backup takes a picture of your system which allows you to recover in case you have a problem. You need an external drive to do the latter properly.
    Good luck
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    try this out really self explanatory:
    Distribution Release: Redo Backup & Recovery 1.0.4 ( News)
    its Redo Linux,it takes a snapshot of your partitions so you could restore your computer to the state it was in.also here is the redolinux homepage: Redo Backup Bare Metal Restore Solution GUI Backup Open Source GPL Recovery
    its what i use,because, it does linux and windows.
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    Sydney Australia
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    Peter2 thanks for your item, but (1) why use Macrium as well ? I have a paid Macrium but since upgrading from Vista to W8 it seems from my reading that W8 does the job.
    Also I tried to use W8 backup to 2 external drives one of which contains the latest backup of W8 using Macrium but the exercise would not complete, "popup" stated the External drive was in use.
    (2) As you use both & assuming you recommend to do so, should I delete Macrium files from the external drive & backup with W8 first then use Macrium ? I am a complete novice but I hope I have made myself clear. Thank you in advance,
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    I am not a skilled user but have had success with imaging.
    I use Macrium free to image to my external drive. I first create a folder called Macrium in the external drive visible with 'Computer'. Then I use the Win 8 native imaging program to image to the same hard drive.
    I do the same with my laptop but I use a another external drive for that. So there are 4 images in all.
    So each external or usb drive has two images on them, one with Macrium and one with Win 8 (called Win 7 file recovery).
    With the external drive hooked up or plugged in to both ac power and the usb port, click 'Computer" and see what you have there. I have the Macrium folder which I click and the image opens..
    The Win backup has 3 icons; one for the system, one for data, and a third.
    I always use the rescue disc to retrieve an image as the programs have given me problems.
    I use a cd-rw so when Macrium keeps updating the disc I just insert it, and it erases the old rescue data and installs the old. I then walk the recovery through all the steps until I can see the back up, then quit. I know people say to do a total recovery to be sure but I don't.
    I used to use Acronis but stopped when it asked for a new license for 3013. Macrium is much faster for me.
    I use the Win 8 image when the drive is new and fresh and I use the Macrium to keep within about a month or two of current. This way I can go way back or just far enough back without having to install all the updates and things of that nature.
    If I can be od further help please as.
    P.S. I keep my documents folder which has data on it on two flash drives that get updated weekly. I could use the Win file system but like this way. in case of disaster, I can just insert the flash drive and bring back anything not updated. I do not keep passwords etc. in the pc but ll sensitive data is on the flash drives. I doubt two will break at the same time.
    Pick a system that fits you.
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back up
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