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Over-provisioning Windows 8 Machine

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    Over-provisioning Windows 8 Machine

    I have a Samsung SSD 840 (with a 500 GB capacity). There are 465 gigabytes available to me.

    From what I looked up, it seems that Windows 8 automatically optimizes SSD's. Does that mean that I shouldn't over-provision? I would ideally like all the space, as I would fill it up with audio plug-ins. Does 465 GB seem like they included some over-provisioned space already?

    Also, I've heard that 20 percent is the ideal amount, is that too much/little?

    Thanks a lot,

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    There should be no need to provide more op for that drive bud. Typically oem's will use about 8% for op built in.
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    I use Samsung Magician for tuning and have left Windows Optimize service running, apart from that I don't think any tweaking needed.
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    Nope. You get all that 500 GB space. Manufacturers use the decimal system so 1 GB = 10^9 bytes while Windows uses a "binary" system where 1 GB = 1024^3 = 1073741824 bytes. Therefore, by Manufacturer's system 500 GB = 500000000000 bytes and for Windows 500000000000 bytes / (1073741824 bytes/GB) = 465.6612873077392578125 GB . This explains the reason you get 465 GB instead of 500 GB claimed by your manufacturer.
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Over-provisioning Windows 8 Machine
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