I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this thread. So, if this isn't the right one I would apreciate someone to tell me which is the right one.

So, my problem is that after I turn on my computer (running Windows 8 Pro) my PC freezes (the disk activity LED stops working) for about 10 seconds and then goes to normal again (the disk LED starts working the exact moment that I can move my mouse). I don't know why this appeans but I think it is because my iSSD. This laptop uses a hybrid system of an Hitachi 320Gb hard drive and a SanDisk i100 24Gb SSD, but when I go to the System Informations menu the iSSD SOMETIMES doesn't appear in there. Some times it appears there, some times not, and I don't konw why.

Would apreciate if anyone could help me. If you need more system specs please tell me so I can give them to you.